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May 14, 2007



Great looking hamburger. I can almost taste it. The dressing looks delicious.

Butta Buns

Oh boy, now you've done it! My brain can't take such sensory overload! Keep the grill fired up, I'll be over soon.


I always wondered why McDonald's claimed it to be a secret sauce...we all knew! But yours?? Woooooooo!!! I have GOT to try that. Last night my husband cooked us real burgers (lean ground beef too) and made his own french fries. It was a delicious meal, I had been craving hamburgers for a while!

Cate O'Malley

Haven't made burgers on the grill yet this season, but looking forward to it. Yours looks delish.


OMG, thats totally drool worthy....I'm waiting for my grill to be setup soon so I can start making burgers too.....yummmm


I like your Dressing recipe. The burger makes me hungry too but since I don't eat beef can I have chicken please :)


That looks delicious! I'm going to have to try your Thousand Island dressing next time we have burgers.


Let's see I'm free tonight. One burger would be enough. They look wonderful. Wicked bacon!
Sher you are so right with the homemade thousand island drsg ... I haven't made mine in years but it is so amazing.


Wow, look at that burger... yummylicious. I have to try the thousand island dressing... looks amazing sher!


That is HUGE! And glorious. Meaty, meaty gloriousness.


Sher, I love thousand island dressing, now realize it's just so easy to make! With this on juicy patty & butter-toasted buns... boy! don't talk to me; I just want to eat this big guy!


Homemade secret sauce!!! Too good- I used to just stir ketchup, mayo and relish. Bacon- sigh. I agree how fun it would be to sample all them burgers!


Only thing I see missing is the cheese! Looks great!


omg, talk about a big fat burger, I don't know how i even settle for mcdonalds sometimes. oh, and the strawberry coffee cake in your previous post looks amazing, seriously. I need to try that recipe out!


Yum! You're right. Simplicity is the epitome of a great burger. Love the homemade thousand island dressing. Nothing like it.


No matter how much we talk about eating healthy, there is absolutely nothing better than a burger with all the fixins'! This looks (almost) too good to eat.


Right, let's be honest about this situation. The thought of a heaving plate full of perfect burgers is wonderful, but the logistical complexity and the sheer meat indulgence is a bit overwhelming. Will my stomach explode before the testing is over? Will my aorta become so saturated with cholesterol that it packs up and moves to a vegetarian? I guess we'll just have to see on the day.
Of course, this is a great recipe though and I'm looking forward to the experience. Maybe I can sneak off and try it now.
Oh, and the dressing recipe is a great bonus! That's going in the cookbook for sure.


mmmmmmmmm! i had a major hankering for a burger too over the weekend and got me one in mendocino. theres nothing like ocean air and a burger. i'm certain that it was no where near as tasty as this burger though - YUMMMMM!


What a great looking burger!
I'm ashamed to admit that I did not have ONE decent burger when I was in the U.S. I'm also ashamed to admit that it was for lack of trying.... Duh! Ouch! (sharp forehead slap just delivered)


I looooove thousand island on my burgers. Some of my friends think I'm weird for putting salad dressing on burgers but it's so good! Bacon cheeseburgers are my fav, I can just eat that burger off my computer screen. ;P

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