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April 23, 2007



Great lineup! Thanks for hosting this week! Looks like your forgot my Rhubarb Mutton though :( but no problem!


Thanks for the outstanding round up!! And many thanks for the compliments!! :))


What a great round up you have had! :) Thanks for the efforts... But it seems that my entry has been missed out. Anyway, this is my link to re-confirm:



Thanks for this great round up, Sher. Your personal touch comes through with every entry.


Great roundup! I always discover new dishes AND new bloggers from WHB.


Nicely done. Thanks Sher!


Great job. If only I didn't have to go to work now, I would read them all. When I get home tonight I'll do that; looking forward to it!


Thanks for hosting and the great line-up. Again so many recipes to try, I don't know where to start.


Wow, you've been busy! Great roundup of wonderful looking dishes. I'm feeling herb-y. :)


I think I should be hired as an official WHB sampler so that I can try a bit of everything.

Wonderful hosting job, my friend!

Patricia Scarpin

Wow, Sher!! So many delicious recipes - I'm stunned!


What a colourful round-up. Thanks for the great job Sher! :)


Wonderful round up! And so many new recipes to try :)


Sher, what a great round-up! You're stuck by bottle-neck mails, but still posted our photos and wrote us wonderful intro. Really thanks a ton!


Beautiful round up Sher. You did a great job! I sent my entry in late - my bad! :(


I really love this event. It is so exciting. all these wonderful recipes. and thank you for being such a wondeful host.; o )


Wonderful job Sher! Beautiful photos with words to match! The care you took with each one is clear.... I think the dragonfuit should win the 'prettiest post' award!


Great round up Sher. I really wanted to send something and I did cook something with spinach but my parents were leaving over the weekend , so got no time to post it :(

Susan from Food "Blogga"

I can't believe there are more delicious food blogs I haven't seen yet! I'll be checking them out for sure after this wonderful round-up.


Well done, Sher! And I agree with Susan about the great blogs...my link list gets longer and longer!


This is one really rich round up! Excellent job!
Really beautiful dishes, I am so impressed.


This may sound insane, but I have the blackest thumb ever...but despite that, we're going to give the Chia Herb Gardens a try. LOL!!! I want my own fresh herbs at my disposal, so hopefully it'll go well. I'll blog about it when we pick it up.


sher you did a great job on the round up. thank you for taking the time and all those wonderful and kind descriptions you wrote for ervery entry.

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