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April 20, 2007



Yes, ok it's not a Muffuletta but it would be a spectacular fill in until I can get to New Orleans.
That looks great!


it is soooooooooooo good! Everything! Seem you worry you can't over-indulge us and so add a bit of mayo... my tastebuds are floating in paradise!


This looks better than a real muffaletta to me (who needs all those layers of meat and ham?). Love that there's a bit of serrano chile in it for kick.

Butta Buns

What's a muffuletta? And how can it have more esteem than your sandwich?



Ah-hem. Sorry 'bout that. The unparalled glory of that sandwich rendered me temporarily incomprehensible.

The veggies... the herbs... the beautiful bread!!


Is it a 'faux muffuletta'? I haven't a clue what a real one is but this looks perfect to me. And, shame on me, I never rinse capers and use more than normally recommended ....I'm a caper pig!
Great bread, too!


Now THIS has me mentally making my grocery list and already putting aside time to make this. YUMMY! And quite a pretty sandwich to boot. =)



Woah! I love the way you pile on the toppings in the sandwich. It must be great taking a huge bite of of them :)

Patricia Scarpin

Muffuletta is my favorite sandwich name from now on, Sher. ;)


That looks delicious. I love sandwiches with grilled veggies, grilling somehow makes everything better!


Oh Sher, this looks sooo good! I can have this sandwich at anytime of the day!


I remember first eating mufalettas in New Orleans. They are just amazing tasting, but this looks just as good. Love the sound of everything here.


Please wrap one up and send it to me? Hurry! I'm hungry! Thanks!


I've no idea what a Muffuletta is? But the sandwich looks great :) I just wish I could buy ciabatta in my country.

Maybe a recipe...


Oh my God, what a delicous looking sarnie. The bread just asks to be bitten, and how can you go wrong with eggplant? In muy opinion, never!


Oh wow! That's some sandwich! Way to go, Sher!


Yum!!!!! That is one fantasic looking sandwich -- who needs meat and cheese?


In general I'm not a huge sandwich person unless the insides explode with flavor...My interest was piqued with the traditional muffuletta, but this version has me doing back flips!


I can't think of a better host, Sher! I love the sandwich!


this looks so yummy it makes me wanna grab it and bite it immideately ;o)


This sandwich looks amazing. I make a similar grilled veggie sandwich myself. I marinate the veggies in italian dressing and hot sauce for about an hour and then grill them up either outside or on the my indoor grill depending on what the weather is like. When the veggies are cooked but still firm i take them off and put them on whatever bread i have handy (preferably a crusty bread) then i add some cheese, put it in my panini maker and cook until the bread is golden brown and the cheese is melty.

Flüge Sydney

This sandwich looks awesome. I always made them on my own, but the Veggie from Subways is also very good.

It is just a little bit to expensive!


Hey!! Whaddya mean?! I always cut my sandhicwes in fourths!! I agree with Mac. There must be smashing.'Rooster, we have a problem' HAAAH!You make me giggle all the time. Knock it off!

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