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April 21, 2007



Oh Upsie, you're so glamorous! Sher, Sundance has the CUTEST face! What a doll!


Sher, I tend to be much more a dog person but we've had cat and I love them also. It's just that I attach less to cats. Your two here are the exception. Upsie and Sundance are (different) both just fabulous.
What perfect photos of both!


hey upsie -- if you ever wanna sleep all day, you can come here to visit.

and sundance, i'll hide your harness where i hide mine...now, if only i could remember where that was.

both our moms deserve a sleep spa vacation for about a day, heh heh. i mean, what would we do without them?



What beauties.Are they all your cats? Absolutely gorgeous!!


Upsie, you are a beautiful as ever with your petals. Sundance, how cute you are! I just want to hug and kiss you!


Ooops, poor Sundance, the secret is out. Upsie, you look so beautiful with yr petals. Don't bug yr mum ok, she needs sleep or else she won't have any energy to open yr can food, let you out to the garden and control Sundance from attacking you.


Upsie--you're a perfectly self-centered little wench, and I say that with affection. Sundance, on the other hand, is a bit of a twit. But keep him around. He's pretty cute.


OH, you beauties!


Sundance, the force will be strong with you one day, too.

Keep those rose petals handy for next week... I'm hosting my first WCB, and the theme is flowers!


Try again, Sundance, you beautiful kitty you! And Upsie, you should wear rose petals as an accessory all the time!


Upsie, you're doing a fabulous job re-enacting that scene from American Beauty. And you're way prettier than the blond in the movie, too.

Be nice to your mommy. She needs her sleep so she can take care of you!


Upsie, you look beautiful with those petals all over your coat! That pink contrasts very well with your luscious grey fur.
Sundance, you are a sweet soul! I love your beautiful face...


We would like kitties - except we have very big doggies....


Upsi you look wonderful with all those rose petals aroud you. it fits our fur perfectly.
and sundance my sweetie looks soooo innocent *sigh*

hope you all had a fine cosy weekend


Upsie you look gorgeous with those petals surrounding you- like a true princess!

I hope your mom gets some sleep soon- I deal with insomnia and sleep deprivation a lot myself, and it sucks!


upsie, you look so very pretty ensconced in rosw petals....as it should be :) sdk is no chump either.


Upsie, you rock, as usual! Looking tres chic in those petals, dahling!


Oh, love the petals on Upsie's fur!!! And Sundance is adorable as always!!!


*LOVE* the petal-covered Upsie! Such a doll.

Also - your Sundance really reminds me of Shannon's Colin. His facial expressions are quite similar!

Amar and Luna

Those are lovely photos of Upsie amongst the petals!

And poor Sundance with his harness...

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