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April 14, 2007



Ooh, the little squirrel-os are beautiful! And Upsie is looking trimmer (the hair is so deceiving -- I have a teeny 7-pounder with hair like that, and she also looks bigger than she really is).

Sundance, you adorable you!


That has got to be the fluffy fluffyest... cat fur body I've ever seen! Great photos and what a cool little bed. How do they hang themselves like that in nature? The nest designed to do that?


Upsie, you do look more stealthy! Good job for losing weight. Sundance is cuter than ever, and I bet he hid the harness under something good. And your little squirrel friends are still cute and BIG! I think you are doing a fine job not to eat the squirrels.

kross-eyed kitty

I think you should look in the bottom of that squirrel bag for the harness!
As always, very cute pictures!


Boy does Sundance ever have mischief written all over him! What a card!

Way to go Upsie on losing weight, you could pass your secrets and motivations on to Harmon although I don't think he would listen. He seems to be content to be a chubby old guy.

And those squirrels a adorable!


it just looks like cuteness central over there. and i'd be willing to bet something delicious is cooking and the house smells wonderfuls too! you guys should charge admission :):)


Oh, beautiful Upsie, don't be afraid, for us you always looked in shape!
Sundance, as the weeks pass, you are getting cuter and cuter! You are really adorable...
And those squirrels a terribly attractive! I'd love to cuddle them...


Upsie, you are beautiful just as you are. Just remember, all those cats you see on the cover of magazines are airbrushed to look that thin and perfect.

You're the real deal!

Amar and Luna

Ah yes, those harnesses tend to disappear don't they.
Well, no worries with so much cuteness in and around your home.


Upsie, great job on losing weight! I do see it... Kirstie Alley and me feel like a loser :) :)
KD, so you are the boss... not kidding! Drink more drink more, can't wait to see you guys grow big and strong!


Love all the pics, but especially the one of Sundance with the ribbon. He looks like he's having so much fun.


Excellent sleeping bag! Lucky squirrelies! I think it's great how Upsie helps to tidy up the yard for you, Sher. I don't mean to be accusing anyone, but is Sundance a little bit drunk?


The look on Sundance's face is simply redonkulous. That picture should so be on cuteoverload.


dear upsie-daisy,

you are looking fabulous, girlfriend. all your sacrifice is paying off!

your mom still cooks great even though she isn't up to chasing sundance around the yard!

and speaking of sundance, despite his show of claws, his face looks more and more sweetly loving as the weeks go by. great rescue, sher!

the babies better keep an eye on their little sleeping bag, i bet if i wiggled just right, it would keep me snuggly warm too!

now...sher, you can have my harness if you want. lemme know.

love, taboo

Butta Buns

No wonder you're losing weight Upsie trying to keep up with Sundance. Adorable, but he has trouble written all over his face.



Yes, even thin kitties look big, when they have long hair. But, your 7 pounder is the way they want cats now, just like us, not overweight.


The little sleeping bag is marvelous. They will sure miss it when I have to take it away. In the wild, squirrels make a nest for themselves out of leaves and twigs. It keeps them warm and protected from the elements. The babies here were found on the ground after their nest fell out of a tree.


Well, Upsie would probably eat them if she could. But, Sundance seems to think they are kittens or something. He's more interested in bugs!

kross-eyed kitty,

Still no sign of that harness! And i paid $9 for it! :)


I think Upsie would love to vent her frustrations about the diet to Harmon. She is quite put out that she doesn't get cat treats anymore.


Well, it has smelled quite nice from the stir frying. Ahhh--ginger root and garlic. :):) I could wear that as a perfume.


You could still cuddle the squirrels--but in a few weeks, probably not! :):)


Yes, I bet they do air brush those cats. Bastards!

Amar & Luna,

It is a mystery about the harnesses. Maybe they should come equipped with a tracking chip? :)


Oh yes! KD is much smarter, more adventurous, etc. She's about 1 week ahead in development. Interesting!


You are so funny! How did you guess that Sundance drinks a lot! We don't know what to do about that!


Sundance saw the word "redonkulous" and was so tickled, he ran up and down the hall for 10 minutes!


Well, actually, I think you could fit in that sleeping bag just fine. It's lined with fabulous soft fleece. They sure love it. I'm jealous, frankly! And it's very warm--perfect for you!

Butta Buns,

Yes, Sundance can be a real handful! Wish I had his energy!


OH. MY. GOD. That is so cute.


Those squirrels are too cute for words. I love those serious little faces.


Signing in very belatedly to say - I can hardly bear the squirrel cuteness. I know I say this every time I comment about your squirrels, but I cannot help myself. SO CUTE. Also - that photo of Sundance is so awesome that he is now the desktop background on my computer here at work!

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