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April 30, 2007



Oh I love her! Carrie the watering can is adorable. Love the red flowers too.

Totally agree with you about tortilla pizza. I'm very much getting into the whole quesadilla/pizza thing with them. Would love to taste the fava beans!


OMG, that looks sooooo tasty! I never thought of doing pizza like this! I almost always have tortillas and cheese lying about, how totally frickin shibby!


Wonderful way to use little amounts of left overs. Not ever seen a tortilla just like that one, looks very good. Great pizza!
Carrie is fab.


Yum. Thay tortilla pizza looks delicious. And such a cool way to make pizza. Love Carrie too!


Carrie is so cute. Your cake for "daring Bakers" was simply oooh la la


Carrie is so cute. Your cake for "daring Bakers" was simply oooh la la


oooh that tortilla pizza looks fantastic. and miss carrie is a cute as can beeee!


OK - what is the name of the tortilla company? I'd love to find tortilla's like that. I've had them in New Mexico once but have yet to find anything else close.


Oh I remember those wonderful hand made thick tortillas. These are first rate esp with the cream braised favas. And how can I forget Carrie the Cow, she's first rate too.


That is the cutest vase I have ever seen! I love your centerpiece! Too cute!


such a simple yet delish 'pizza', if Carrie doesn't walk to your kitchen to beg, I will!


What a cute cow centerpiece! Very spring.


Jeez, girl! That tortilla looks just awesome!! Love Carrie's look.


I never thought of using tortillas like that!
What a wonderful idea!
I bought some favas the other day - thanks for your tips on peeling, it was a snap to get them ready!
Cute cow!


What a cute little cow! love her. As for the tortilla, loved to see the beans (thought they were broad beans at first) and the asparagus. So spring like! Talk about being seasonal.; o )


Having grown up in a small Mexican town (near Davis) there was no pizza joints in my day. The next best thing was a flour tortilla and I would create little master pieces for my friends and family. I would use that quick pizza sauce in a jar, add the usual toppings, but the trick was to get the tortilla crispy. Olive oil--a cook's best friend. Happy to see your post, and yes, your cow is too cute! All the best, Laurel

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Love your centerpiece this month... it was very Moo-ving.
Mine didn't seem to make the cut~ I will have to be very clever next month.

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