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April 18, 2007



I'm gasping... FRESH fava!!! And 100 pounds last year!!!!!! The fava (plant) is already so beauitful, I can't take my eye off from that unshelled beans, like gem!


yep, I know what I have to do now. I have to go back to the grocery store where i saw the sad pods of fresh favas and buy them. Damn the saddness, they might be as beautiful as yours inside. I must have favas. I need favas. Oh I wish I could have fresh picked favas! Stupid Brooklyn and no backyards. harumph.


No Way!! I wish I had a green thumb. They plants, harvest and the dish look great. When do you plant them for harvest in April?


Yippee! They look so good!


Beautiful! I've always wanted to make favas but have been scared away by the preparation technique. Maybe now I'll be brave enough to try it - they look just lovely.

Susan from Food "Blogga"

I'm with you--I LOVE fava beans and anticipate their arrival at the farmers' market every year. Unfortunately, because of the erratic weather we've had, my local farmers haven't had any yet. I'm seriously bummed. Perhaps, I need to take a ride to your place...;) Your dish is beautiful!


like susan, i have not see the usual loads of favas' at farmers markets this year, sniff! i love how you peel them down to just the tender parts :)


Good looking beans! Makes me wish they were featured more often in restaurants. I guess I'll have to seek out my own this year.


Hi Sher - You've got quite a green thumb! Over a 100 lbs of favas......that's quite a hill of beans.


OMG , 100lbs of fava! It looks delish!


Ooh, they look just wonderful. I am so jealous because it is still cold in New York and not spring-like at all!


Wow I am so proud of you and your fava garden! They look so good and tender. I find them a bit labor intensive to shell (the inner bit) but it is so different from dried favas and well worth it. Adoreable productive little space!


I planted my fava beans on Sunday. I've actually never eaten them, but I was excited because I had read they contain more protein than other beans. I'm a little less excited now, because I read elsewhere that they are high on the glycemic index. But I am still anxious for them to grow. Beans are the main thing we eat that I can't find grown locally- I mean, everyone has green beans and limas, but no one has the beans I like, or dried beans.


A hundred pounds! What a marvelous crop! They look really divine and I know they are super healthy to eat.
This looks like a wonderful recipe, thanks.


wow, that's a lot of fava beans! my mom grows them every year as well, if you get 100 lbs from your crop...she must harvest 500 lbs! Her crop is huge!I will have to ask her. I must agree, fresh fava beans are so good. I should try growing some next season.



Yes, they are wonderful. It wasn't 100 pounds, but nearly that. Of course, that before they were shelled and peeled, which means it was much less after I did that. It takes a lot of favas to have a good sized serving.


I feel your pain. I didn't have a place to grow things until 10 years ago. But, you have marvelous places to buy the best produce there in Brooklyn, I bet.


You can grow great favas even without a green thumb. I planted them in late fall. They kind of slumber along until spring. Then--watch out!


They are!


They really aren't hard to prepare--just a little time consuming. But, you can watch TV as you do it. It's rather mindless.


I don't think I've ever seen them in a restaurant. But, I bet there are some that do it.

Kirk & Veron,

It wasn't over 100 lbs, but I wish it had been. I'll have to look up the exact amount in my garden notebook. But, once they were shelled and peeled, it was probably half that in weight.


Thank you. My husband came home and asked if there were fava beans tonight. :) He expects them every night. (But, I do the shelling and peeling!)


They are labor intensive. It's nice if there are other people helping. People used to sit in groups and do this kind of busy work. It was a
nice way to socialize.


I'm so glad you're growing them. I hope you post about them. It is hard to find some types of beans. I love butter beans--and they don't sell them at all in California.


I'm hoping that we get as good a yield this year. It looks like it might not be as big--but we'll see!


Ah, I envy you mom! I would like to plant triple the amount--but I don't have the space. You need a lot of favas, I think--because the amount is so much less after you shell and peel them.


I love favas but had no idea they were so easy to grow. Although I usually avoid my garden in winter - it turns into a bog.
They should be at the market soon, can't wait!
I tried dried favas once - not even vaguely the same....


Cool, the pics really helped. We don't have favas available much here so I was always wondering about the double skin and peel thing. Oh, and with Marcella on your shelf, how can you go wrong?


I'm fairly sure it's illegal to talk about fava beans without referencing Hannibal Lector. I'm calling the police.


Oh, lucky you! I would give my right arm for fresh ones. I have absolutely no sunny space for it, though. Those look gorgeous; I'm hoping some farmer at the market, which will resume in May, will have some.

Wonderful photos!


Those favas are gorgeous!!! I am beyond impressed! I live in a little flat with no garben so this would be a fantasy for me...but, my goodness, I can only imagine how it must be to eat your own fresh favas, especially if they look as picture perfect as yours!


Just in case anyone is reading this still. All of you who live in the city try planting in raised beds. They can be on a patio, deck, any little patch of ground, even a rooftop. Check out pics and info at
natural yards.com

You can get an amazing amount of produce in a small space.

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