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April 25, 2007



did you use string beans too, they are delicious!
Your baby corns remind me a WHB's post from Anh (not too long ago), she found 'fresh' baby corns!


oops, just to correct my name...


Mmmm...beautiful! I'd love to tuck into that!


Oh Sher I love corns, all type! The baby corn is especially special - very delicate. When their season comes, we can find "fresh" baby corns at farmers market. These are to die for. :D


Hey! I love baby corn too. And I love everything about this dish, Sher. EVERYTHING!


This is just the kind of dish I'm growing 7 varieties of Basil in the backyard for.
Beautiful photo!! A perfect dish. Thanks so much.


Sher, the chicken with basil and corn looks fabulous. And I missed the super round up of WHB! Each entry and your description is a treat. I'm going to come back to read it later.


This looks fabulous. My husband loves baby corns - he will eat a whole can of them in one sitting!


That is one happy bowl o' greens... I can practically smell the freshness!

Oh, and I would kill to find fresh baby corns.


I love anything with lots of basil. I planted some last week and I'm already out picking at them... And green beans...perfect for summer.
Fresh bsby corns? They exist? How wonderful!


beautiful photographs. this looks simply wonderful.

Patricia Scarpin

I love the little corns, Sher! So cute!


nice combination of ingredients and spicy!


Wow..I've never seen a "fresh baby corn" at the farmers market! When are they in season?



Love that Cat 3 name! I have never seen the baby corns for sale. If I had tons of land, I would grow them myself! YUM.


Thank you! Wish we could share it.


How I envy you!!! What a fabulous Farmer's Market you have!


Thank you so much--I certainly enjoyed it too! :)


7 varieties! That's fabulous. It must look beautiful!


Thank you!


I understand your husband's craving for the little corns! :):)


Me too! I've never seen them for sale--I feel so deprived! :)


Yes--wouldn't it be marvelous to have fresh baby corns? That's on my wish list!


Thank you!


Yes, it's so nice when we can get the cute veggies! Brings out the kid in me!


Thank you, we really did like this one. I'll make it often.


I've never seen them before either. I always use the canned ones. Wish I could find them!!!


That pic is absolutely beautiful, the fresh sprig of basil looks lovely


It looks just fantastic! I'd love to have something like this for dinner. Reminds me that I need to find Thai basil for my garden this year.


That loooks delicious. I'm gonna cook that for dinner tomorrow! YAYY!=)


It is almost lunchtime...chicken and veggies. I would much rather have this!


What a nice dish! I love baby corn because they are so little and cute.


You've done it again Sher. A fantastic recipe, wonderful ingredients and a beautiful photo!
I will try growing basil again this year - this time indoors on the sun porch!


Stir-fries are the best. I'll have to try basil in my next one!


What a great dish. I love these baby corns, but have never seen them on the local market.
The fabulous photos make my mouth water.


Glad to see I'm not the only one who loves baby corn. I often eat it straight from the can! This chicken dish looks delicious. I can't wait to try it.


yet again you got me with "ahs" and "oohs" while reading your recipes.
I love baby corn too and this stir fry looks very delicious!

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