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April 27, 2007



Sher, this looks fantastic! This type of noodle salad is my fav. I wish the weather here were warmer so I could make the Vietnamese beef version. :)


I have been craving noodle dishes with loads of vegetables. This looks divine!


That is a standout photo! Even the peanuts are crisp!
Great looking salad and I really like it's one that would be really good with or without the meat.


Sher, oh I miss this salad!!! My mom had a tradition of making veg dish on the first day morning of Chinese New Year, her dish almost just like yours (pork left out, replaced with more different types of mushroom and more store-bought tofu-puff). Although I generally don't like salad, definitely give this one an exception !!! So beautiful! So easy to do!


Gorgeous! I'm just starting to feel my way around Asian noodles and I really like them. Thanks for the wonderful recipe, Sher!


Sher, I just pulled out all the recipes I have for cold noodle salads last night and they all felt too "heavy" for me. But this one! Ooh la la, just right!


It's soo pretty... I want to reach out and grab a bite!


Your salad really gorgeous and tasty! I love that kind of dish...


Ooh, a definite tagger. What a beautiful photo -- all those glorious colors. Thanks for sharing.


I like your recipe better than the one I did the night before you posted this. I had never made this kind of salad, but had eaten it at Vietnamese restaurants. Yours sounds much more complex in flavors and very good! Nice photos, too.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I love those clear noodles- they do look like cellophane. Great recipe!


Great recipes. I cooked it ...it was wonderful. Thanks


I have never heard of cellophane noodles. I bet this is really good!


has it really been so long that I've stopped by that I nearly missed the noodley gem? I'm sorry Sher, will you forgive me? I'd make excuses for my absence but they'd just sound hollow.... Okay, groveling over. This sounds AWESOME! I love cellophane noodles!

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