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April 19, 2007



Nothing worse than bad scallops!
The dish looks lovely and, like you, I would be happy with the crumbs, garlic, oil and herbs! Anything more is a bonus!


mmmm, I am willing to trade cupcakes for the pasta!The pasta looks delicious!


Oh Sher, you have been really busy in the kitchen! I have something similar yesterday after my gym session. Too hungry to take any pic though :D I love Marcella Hazan, it is really inspirational and very detailed!


oops, too many typos in my last post. Guess I need a good rest now. Sorry Sher, please read:

Oh Sher, you have been really busy in the kitchen! I had something similar yesterday after my gym session. Too hungry to take any pic though :D I love Marcella Hazan's book, it is really inspirational and very detailed!


Quick pasta dishes like this are my favorites. I always have panko in my pantry, and I like them much better than plain breadcrumbs (which I also always have on hand). Will definitely try this recipe!


Sher, I'm sorry the scallops weren't good (yuck), but the recipe sounds lovely -- I'll have to give it a try! Bad seafood...ick...that gives me the shivers.


Do men have fewer taste buds? I'm kidding...but it does seem like my husband will eat things I think taste no good.
The pasta looks lovely.


I will never use regular breadcrumbs again since discovering Panko!! This looks great - I will have to try it - the shrimp version sounds wonderful!


I too recently discovered Panko and now have a huge box to use up. This will be perfect!


I'm sorry about the metallic taste of the scallops - but the pasta sounds and looks heavenly. =)


oh men, god I love them. they'll eat anything and smile through it. sorry 'bout the scallops... they'll be better next time hopefully!


the pasta looks delicious. But it's the fava beans and chicken that I've been eyeing for the longest time. Alsolutely delicious, and gorgeous plants Sher. 100 lbs of beans did you say?


I have this volume of Marcella, too. It's one of my favorites, kept closest to the kitchen. Scallops can disappoint sometimes, but you wouldn't know it to look at this dish. I want to push a fork right into it and twirl it around.


There are fewer things worth than a bad scallop... nonetheless, the toasted pasta looks quite tasty.


I love scallops, when they're good. I've taken to buying them frozen because the ones that we get here that are supposedly fresh, aren't necessarily.


Got to look for Panko!
Oh no, you are not critical at all! I won't accept any shellfish without 110% fresh taste!


It really is too bad about the scallops. I hate it when my mouth is soooo ready for what I expect to be the star of the dish and...

Anyway, thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Night friends.


That looks delicious! I am a bit shy when it comes to trying a lot of seafood, so I have never had scallops, but I bet my dad would make this! He loves scallops- I would try it too! :)


That looks deeeeelish!


mmmm...love the thought of the Panko and of subbing mushrooms. That would be delish!


I'll be at your house for dinner next Tuesday!


A luxurious, but simple dish. It looks really delicious!


Bummer about the scallops, I have bad luck with the little scallops, they just don't taste as good as the bigger ones. It looks like a great recipe and I love that you used panko. I use panko all the time now, the canister of Progresso breadcrumbs is in the back of the pantry untouched.

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