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April 12, 2007



Wonton soup was a favorite when I was a kid, too. But because I don't eat pork, I would eat the soup and the wonton skins and leave the filling behind! These days I make a turkey filling much like yours, and I eat the whole thing. It is definitely comfort food.


Sher, I love wonton soup. My flatmate, who is of Chinese background, can eat the whole thing! :) Like Lydia, I substitute pork with chicken/turkey mince, and throw into some minced water chestnuts... Your soup makes me so hungry now. :D


I haven't had wonton soup in years, for the very reasons you mention! Thank you for the step-by-step instructions... this would be so nice to have ready and waiting in the freezer!


Sher, now I call you wonton master :) :) Yes, the chefs/cooks in Hongkong also cook wotons in boiling water first! Oh boy, I think I can have 2 x Bob's bowl!!!
Now I suddenly remember one interesting thing when I traveled to Beijing @ Tsing Dau, Northern China (I was in collegue back then...) we got to order dumplings not by how many bowls but how many pounds we wanted. Our mind went blank; sometimes ended up coming with a basin-size bowl, but we still could finish everything!


I, too, suffer from hay-fever and I grew up right in your parts. Daily life could get my sinuses truly clogged. So I always relied on soup to clear my head. #1 pick--WONTON SOUP! Just had a bowl last night in preparation for skiing today at the Lake. Great blog!!! Thanks.


I have a favorite won ton soup that I haven't made for a couple of years. I'm getting that out to do soon. I've never filled my own wonton but now I must! yours look so sweet.
I like your memory of your mom.
Could you dust the wonton with arrowroot and then not get cloudy broth?

Linda, The Village Vegetable

yum yum yum this is exactly what i need right now! i'm ill and some wonton soup sounds like the perfect remedy... i just may be forced to order some for lunch.

Butta Buns

Beautiful job on the dumplings, they look even and so lovingly shaped! What do you mean haphazard? Actually, I can understand. My father was the same way when it came to food prep, he was the biggest alpha cook and everything had to be just so. It drove me nuts back then but now I remember it fondly. Just to spice things up, I'd intentionally chop veggies the "wrong" way to tease him. Ahhh, memories.


The soup looks delicious, especially the wontons. I have to try it, hopefully Aswin will be as excited as Bob :)


Oh, I just adore wonton soup! Your wontons are so expertly folded - just beautiful. I've made it with cabbage, but I really like the idea of using spinach.


Oh YUM! I looove wonton soup. I found some a couple months ago in the freezer section of Wal-Mart. I thawed it and heated it and it was so good - they were shrimp wontons- my fave. Then Wal-Mart was bought by a Korean super chain and they got rid of all the wonton soup. So sad. I was thinking about making some but many of the recipes I saw called for water chestnuts - which I love, but can't find here. I think I'm going to try your recipe though! Thanks!!


HAHA! makes me feel almost GUILTY that I can't wrap wontons half as pretty as those and I'm supposed to be ahem...chinese...


Ah, what a lovely choice for soup! I love won ton soup, it is so comforting! yummm!


that looks like a little taste of heaven!


Oh I love wonton soup! I haven't made it ages, though. Thanks for the reminder -- I may have to put it on the menu for this next week. Yum!

BTW, I use the recipe from the Frugal Gourmet in his Three Ancient Cuisines book. Off the top of my head I don't remember how it differs from yours but I can't imagine by much.


I too fell in love with wonton soup when I was young and haven't fallen out of love yet!

Thanks for the great recipe and beautiful photos! It's perfect for Presto Pasta Nights


Now that's what I call wonton soup!


Goodness gracious! I love wonton soup but haven't had it for ages. You inspire me to do something about that.


hey, i didn't see these! ohman, i'm in trouble now. looks AWESOME.


That looks amazingly good. I love the step-by-step photos. I have a friend who wants to make this soup (for the first time); I'm sending her a link! Thanks for sharing.

bea at La tartine gourmande

Oh I hope your nose gets better. You ARE lucky to have Spring though. Here we are still in a lingering winter. As to the soup, I love it! All over. It reminds me that I have not made one like this in a while and since I have wonton wrappers in the freezer, I definitely should!


It's 6am...my stomach is growling for some Wonton soup and chinese food! LOL!!


Nice idea to cook a test meatball to adjust the seasoning. Boiling the wonton in water is another good idea. Now I'm wondering how they made that clear broth. Alton Brown on the Food Network Channel showed several interesting ways to wrap wontons in his 'Wonton Ways' episode.



I've just come across this recipe / description now, even though you've written it ages ago. Thanks, it's such a helpful step-by-step description of making wonton soup (which I love). I'll definitely try it.

Take care

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