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April 10, 2007



Oh, I'm jealous! We were out in the garden doing spring cleanup this weekend, and just the tips of crocus are coming up. The compost pile is frozen! And I'm so ready to plant and harvest. Til then, I'll have to make do with lusting after home-grown salads like this one.


Such a beautiful salad Sher! Absolutely wonderful!


Nothing look more Spring than your salad and your flower box! Thanks for the tip of growing lettuces, I think I will start it :) :)
Sher, you photos are just getting prettier and prettier! Especially the first one, just gorgeous... somehow it remindes me an opening scene in the movie The Lake House :D


Absolutely beautiful!


Sher, gorgeous salad, looks beautiful. I'm hosting GBP to see homegrwon salads like yours :) Thanks for participating.

Butta Buns

I'm jealous too! That's so neat that you can just walk out the door and have all the ingredients there.

kross-eyed kitty

Thanks for the lettuce tips. It is my hope to grow some this year, but I was a little unsure as to how to go about it. I live in a different "Zone" so I think I'm going to have to wait until after the last frost before I start planting. LOVE the idea of flowers in salad! It is so pretty!

kross-eyed kitty

BTW...I'm making your meatball recipe today!


Well, you've inspired me if only I can remember to plant some lettuce around the tomatoes next spring!
That is mind blowingly beautiful salad! and the flower petals are fabulous!!


What a pretty salad. It looks exactly like what spring should look like!


That is the prettiest salad I have ever seen!

And this may be a dingbat question- but has anyone really eaten flowers? I've never tried them in salad!


Oh no!! The compost pile is frozen. I remember that in Illinois. In fact. My mom always dug a hole in the ground before winter, just in case one of our pets died. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to bury them because the ground would be frozen. Sounds morbid, but such is life in frigid areas. Hope it warms up soon for you.


Thank you!


Oh, what a lovely compliment. Thank you! :):)


Thank you!


I'm looking forward to seeing what other people grew in their garden.

Butta Buns,

I'm grateful I have a garden. For years I didn't and I missed it so much. :)

Kross-eyed kitty,

Once the frost is gone, it should be very easy to grow some salad greens. They grow so quickly, you are rewarded in no time!


The great thing about the lettuce is that they grow so fast next to the tomatoes, you can use that extra space for them. Radishes are great for that too.


Thank you!


People are putting flowers in their salad more and more. Some of them don't have much taste--just add a nice color. But, some are quite flavorful. Nasturtiums are wonderful in salads. The leaves have a peppery taste--and the flowers look so pretty. For the most part, you want to tear the petals off each flower and use them. But a few whole flowers add such a nice visual. and it's so much fun eating flowers!!! Actually we often eat veggies that are immature flowers--like broccoli! :):)


Fresh lettuce looks wonderful!
I just planted 24 lettuce 'sets' the other day so we should be have salads shortly.
I don't remember seeing that in the U.S. but it's all over France and Spain - lettuce that is about 6" high - you get 12 plants for less than a dollar and they're full size in about 3 weeks.


How pretty! I am also very envious as so far my garden is a patch of half frozen ground and my plants are little seedlings in a tray on my kitchen table.


How cool! I haven't used nasturtiums (they are daisies , right ?). If I had a garden I'd get some myself this summer.

I saw edible violets for sale the other day and I was very tempted to get them. I have no idea wha they taste like but they look so good!


oh sher, how beautiful! my back porsh is so sunlight deprived. i'm everso jealous! what a clever idea for the egg. yum, now i could go for a salad :)


Looks so pretty like a Garden, Sher. Are the fllowers edible ?


oh Sher, it's that time of year again, time for me to be jealous of your wonderful garden! look at those greens! gorgeous! and I bet they didn't cost $9 a quarter pound (the current going rate for greenhouse greens at the Greenmarket).
Sigh. Someday, someday.


I'm going to suffer from garden envy till the end of the summer. Oh well, at least my tummy can live vicariously through you!

The flowers are a beautiful touch.


Looks beautiful! Summer on a plate!


What a beautiful salad! Would you mind if I put it onto my desktop?

Also, I'm just a little jealous that you have been able to plant tomatoes.

Patricia Scarpin

OMG, Sher!!! What a beautiful garden you have!

The photos are amazing, and what about that salad?? I'd love to have a salad like this, with flowers on it!


Hooray this is a beautiful salad welcoming in spring. I can see a few Beatrix Potter characters joining in too. Your veggie boxes look so nice.

almost vegetarian

That is just too, too pretty. I remember the first time I ever tried flowers (it was a pansy, I believe), I was so surprised at the taste. Not sweet, as they look, but peppery. Adds such a nice depth to a salad. And not hard on the eyes, either.


kross-eyed kitty

BTW...I made the meatballs!
They were ToDieFor Delicious!
Thanks for the recipe!


Sher, your blog is so popular now! Look at all the people who love your work! As well they should. :)

Terry B

Every year, I make sure to pick a colorful marigold or two for the yard at the garden shop--I especially like the deep gold flowers tinged with red edges. They don't really add much taste, but tossing some of the petals into a salad adds a dramatic shot of color.


Your garden produces such beautiful things! Lovely salad...the flower petals is such a gorgeous touch!


This looks beautiful!! there was a time when i had no appetite for salds, but now that i've discovered diff additions and dressings and seasonings, making and eating a sald is so much more fun!


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