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April 01, 2007





Love it!

dean of ucdavis

errr...there're supposed two bananas :P


I might have fallen for it if I hadn't already seen some other April Fools Blogging!


LOL! Happy April fools day! ssshh, I'm going to show the Missus this later to see if she falls for it!

Butta Buns

Hahahahaha! Happy April Fools Day to you too.


Hehe I must remember to show this to my kids!
Well done!


Ha Ha Ha! You got me! That is funny


What I would give for this tree during my semi annual smoothie craze due to begin in May. What do the seeds look like though?


The French are so fussy! They'll probably wait until they can get a one with peaches as well.
Maybe I can smuggle one back next trip - the sniffer dogs would probably be confused...


Seriously, I didn't get it until you said parmasean cheese tree. Good one.


That was so funny...You almost got me.


In this day and age of GM foods, it's not so farfetched, is it? Nice work!


i'm major jealous of your you fruit salad/smoothie tree! that caprese salad tree would have come in handy last night thats what we had for dinner. it could have balsamic treesap and an olive oil spigot. we need an investor, stat!




Ha! If only getting good produce was so simple!

Patricia Scarpin

I like that, Sher!


very nice. Though the basil, tomato and parmesan might have been the give away for me.


ROFL! I love it! Yummy!


You mean, it's not real?!? Then where on earth does the juice come from for blended juices?!

It's like Santa Clause all over again...




You are too much :)


That's hilarious! Great job!~

Dan Manosh Jr.

But where are the Jalepeno's and Habenero's for 'KICKING IT UP A NOTCH!'... LOL good one but there are actually Fruit Salad trees at.
www.growquest.com!.. for all of ya fruit lovers of many types.. Expensive, but a ton of variety..

Again pretty funny

Dan in Vermont!


the tree is real one of my friends has one and it grows peaches, purple plums, golden apricots, tangy nectarines and red plums so they are real and the fruit is delicious


*sigh* Eerie how I go looking for "Fruit Salad Tree" and stumble upon your site. It's...April Fool's Day. TWO YEARS LATER.

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