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March 02, 2007



Wow, feast my eyes! That is smashingly good looking! Sounds so good.


Hi Sher! Thanks for your comment about the banks! We are hanging in there, by our fingernails, but we're still there!
This rice looks delicious! I think I'm going to pilfer this recipe for tomorrows lunch (my grandads birthday) to go with some enchilladas. Untraditional I know, but I think the two will work!


Sher, this is a real hit! Love it!

My herbs died mysteriously after the 2 hot weeks jere although I watered it quite regularly. :( Perhaps because of the weather?


Looks absolutely delicious! I love anything with shrimp and a bit of hot spice.



That looks divine...I'm always looking for recipes that include tarragon!


Sher, this looks super delicious. I've never tried making rice salad before, will definitely try this one!


While it looks delectable, it also looks absolutely gorgeous. Yum. I love Paprika, but I often get tempted to throw some vinegar on it because that's how I make my adobo!


Gosh I just made a green risotto with tarragon in it! But with the hot shrimp what an interesting combination.


I'm sitting here with the scent of slowly-cooked porchetta teasing at my nose. I'm already salivating.

Then, you throw down a shrimp/wild rice salad... two of my favourite things, and I'm the only one in the house who eats such things.

doubly salivating now. Thanks bunches. ;)


Sounds quite wonderful. I love the sound of the shrimp with paprika. And somehow I am seeing mentions of fresh tarragon everywhere and realizing I've never had it.



Thanks! Shrimp are kind of like glamour girls--they always look good, I think. :)


Thanks! I think this would be great with enchiladas.

I hope that the bank thing will just be a memory, where you are the victor!


Thanks! I think that some herbs decline rapidly for unknown reason. But not rosemary or mint! They try to takeover the yard.


Thanks! Me too, I would eat a spicy shrimp dish every week if I could afford it.


If you like tarragon, the rice will please you, I think!


Thanks! The salad is quite simple to make, but it is so refreshing.


Thanks! This recipe uses lemon juice, which does give that tart taste. But, I think vinegar would work too.


Ahh, green risotto! Just saying that makes me hungry!


Well, the thought of slowly roasting porchetta makes my mouth water. Yum!!!


Oh, I do hope you get some fresh tarragon. It so marvelous tyhen.

Susan from Food "Blogga"

What succulent shrimp! And I'm so glad that you used tarragon--I think it gets short shift as far as herbs go. This is a lovely photo and recipe, Sher.


Man, does THAT look good. I feel like I could just pick up a shrimp (or six) and taste the goodness...how did I miss that one in F & W??

Patricia Scarpin


João would freak out - in the best way possible - over this dish!! Look at the shrimp, omg!!! :)


Oh my... this looks so good and now I am really hungry. Shrrimps and fresh tarragon - it didn't combine theses two but I'll definitively will give it a try now!

Thanks for sharing :)

P.S. Kashim is jealous, he wants to have some shrimo too!


Ohhh! I'll be dreaming of you salad tonight :)
Great photos! Un abrazo from Panama...



I love the flavor combination, looks wonderful.


This sounds amazing. And good tip about the F&W Staff Favorites.

Is tarragon a short-lived perennial? I had a plant that thrived for about two years and then just faded away at the end of last summer.




Looks so yummy. I love tarragon. It´s just starting to grow in my garden. :)

Sara G

We've been cooking from Food & Wine for quite a while. It's my boyfriend's sole source for recipes. Me, I can't resist trying the ones people share on food blogs.

You're so right about the staff favs.


For such a fancy recipe, I hilghy recommend trying the extra-virgin olive oil from holyfoodimports.comIt is imported to the US from Israel, and it is produced using cold presses,as was the method over 3,000 years ago; so it has a really unique taste to it.

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