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March 30, 2007



I'll leave out the pancetta and keep the red pepper. Might have to add a tiny bit of smoked paprika or something to replace the pancetta taste....


ohmygod sher, this looks aout of this world! you beautiful woman you. i think bob is the luckiest man in blogville!


I love the sound of this. Basil and asparagus are a great combination. Plus, I could use Uncle Ben's rice and this would be 100% South Beach friendly too.

Hope your computer problems will get cleared up.


this looks wonderful. I love soups with rice.


It does look great! The Zuni cookbook is fantastic!! I wish I cooked from it more because the recipes are quite simple.


I'm with Lydia on this, no pancetta, add smoked paprika, due to the vegetarianism! But oh yum, rice soup with asparagus!!!


The soup is so spring-like and you certainly can't go wrong with Zuni or all those onions.


Gadfry, I just got four new cookbooks and this wasn't one of them. The soup is really fantastic with the color and you make it sound like soup heaven. I'll see what I can put together.


What a hearty dish! I love rice soup, especially in winter. And I share your passion for basil. It is the most used herb in my kitchen at the moment. :D


Would love to have a peek in your garden in summer


I swear this is just everything thats good about this time of year!


Never, ever leave out the basil! For shame!
I like it with asparagus, too - as well as most everything else. Too early in the year for me, though. We just started getting asparagus!
Your soup looks fantastic - such pretty colors!


I love soup and this one look so good. Perfect for this time of year when asparagus is everywhere. Yum.


I die for soups in winter, so I take this on my list. These beautiful colours, sounds very healthy!! :)


What a wonderful one-dish meal! I would love to give it a try :)

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