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March 03, 2007



Those squirrels look ever so cute! I didn't know that there existed not only tree squirrels, but also ground squirrels! You learn something every day, don't you...

Upsie is a real queen with her killer eyes and her beautiful fluffy coat and Sundance is a sweetie pie!...


Upsie, thanks for all the news. Men, my bed is not even half tidy as Edward's!


Fantastic post! I love hearing all the updates and seeing all the pics. I've never seen a pic of squirrels so young. It's fascinating.


You are incredible! Baby squirrels!
Upsie I'm sure you would know how to take care of two baby squirrels that would fall at your feet better than in your back yard.
This should be an interesting progression!

kross-eyed kitty

OMG! Those squirrels are adorable! Sorry Upsie, you are adorable too, but the squirrels are a novelty. Glad your mom is taking such good care of them. Sundance looks so sad that he can't come out to play...poor Sundance!


I hope Edward gets to go back to his "peeps" when he is better. And the baby squirrels are cute. Sundance is so cute in the windowdoor. I guess that is what ginger kitties are like. I don't go out cuz I am clueless outside too.


Great update! Thanks Upsie! Now that Mom has her hands busy being a squirrel mom, you will need to be on your best behavior.

And Sundance is so darling! Not a lick of common sense....that is too funny! What a typical teenage thing!


Eee! The cuteness! I didn't even know I needed to see these guys until I came to your site. Thank you so much for sharing! My mood took a nice uptick (much needed) upon feasting my eyes on them.

We don't have much in the way of ground squirrels here in the east. We have woodchucks and tree squirrels, I think that's about it. When I lived in Ohio, I saw a 13-lined ground squirrel once, but I don't think their range extends to eastern NY. At any rate, your new squirrely inhabitants are absolutely adorable. I hope the wee ones survive.

As usual, nice photos of Upsie, and boy is Sundance getting handsome and catlike!

Have a great weekend.


Poor sundance he looks so desperate! but again it's such a cute pic of him.

we're not allowed to got outside, 'cause kashim is afraid and would not take a step outside and mom would not let ME go out 'cause she thinks she'll have a lot of trouble getting me back inside once I got out.

Upsie you look georgeous this week!

have a nice weekend and hugs'n'kisses
Othello (& Kashim too)

whaleshaman & taboo

you are all so wonderful!

it sure looks like your mom has a full house, upsie, but you don't look or sound a bit like you're being deprived of the special love she gives to you.

i love your pose with the pansy.

taboo wants to know if you got a nibble of the shrimp???


Ohhhh - look at Sundance! Poor boy. When is he going to get some sense so he can go outside? Maybe in time to smash some stupid tomato worms? Then again, his paws don't look nearly as fierce as Upsie's. Edward Scissor Hands has the fiercest paws of all. Maybe you should try to keep him around and put him on tomato word guard duty!
Thanks for your comments, Sher. You're a doll.


I'm with Anne, I hope the little ones survive too! I'm glad they have you to take care of them.


Upsie, the squirrels are cute but you and Sunshine are so much cuter (and you of course are the smartest of them all!)


Pretty cool! I have never seen baby squirrels...so cute! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics.



Yes, we have lots of ground squirrels out here. They sure are funny little things, much more cooperative with each other than tree squirrels, who are total narcissists!


Yes, Edward is very precise about his bedding. And tonight he got mad when I tried to change the papers in the other part of his cage. He's a cage dictator!


They sure look different whe they're young! Well...so did I at one time. :)


Well, yes....I think Upsie would have her own idea on how to handle the baby squirrels. She was watching me feed them tonight and the look on her face...... Kinda scary!

Kross-eyed kitty,

As I write this, Sundance is running like crazy all over the house, hurdling over Upsie's head. It's his way of punishing her for getting outside privileges, I think!


Yes,I was hoping Edward could go home to his family tomorrow, but it's not to be. I think he is getting a little depressed! Seriously.


Sundance really has no sense at all. But,it's funny to watch. He's so different from Upsie. He's going to be one of those energetic, muscular cats that is always causing a commotion.


I'm not sure why ground squirrels are found some places and not others. Maybe the type of soil makes a difference? It's good seeing a message from you, by the way!


Yes,poor Sundance is starting to follow us, ready to dash out if we don't notice. I'm going to go get him a collar, with his name and address. If he got out he would get into trouble, I'm sure of it!

Whaleshaman & Taboo,

Oh yes, Upsie got some shrimp--and so did our two birds. Apparently, shrimp is very popular with many animals. Wouldn't be surprised if Edward Scissorhands didn't like it too!


I think it will be some time before Sundance gets any sense. He's just that kind of wild kitty. I wish I had his energy. He races around all day--and at night too.


I think the little ones will make it, knock on wood. They are doing quite well. But, I must not get cocky!


Your welcome. They are so cute when they are young. Like little Disney characters. :):)



we have the same problems with Othello around here: When we let him go out, he'll get himself into trouble in no time :(
So thats's it: He has to stay in and only gets opened the window with the net.

Joy T.

Upsie first. You are sooooo darn cute Upsie! I like your commentary of the day, you write very well :o)

Next is Mr. Scissorhands. You are cute too. I know 'the look', I give it to people when they mess with my things too.

And Sundance who doesn't have a lick of common sense LOL I have a dog who doesn't have a lick of common sense either so you're not alone.


I love all of your pictures! Poor Sundance looks so sad at the door. I have my two indoor kitties so I know that look all too well! And Upsie looks beautiful as always. Also, I have enjoyed learning more about squirrels here - we have lots of them in the yard!


Terrific photos! Nice job protecting the fava beans. :)

Those baby squirrels look cute! So wonderful that they were rescued and that Jenny contacted your mom to find out how to take care of them.


What beautiful pictures! I always enjoy your updates. Especially love the pic of Sundance at the door! So cute! :)


that was such an awesome update upsie!! i feel like i'm right there with you which is wishful thinking because it all looks so cute and wonderful :)

that is quite the deathstare from eddie the ground squirrel. keep up all the great work you guys!


Sweet, funny and utterly delightful Sher!! It's so cool that you care for these critters. Oops, of course I'm not calling Upsie and Sundance critters. Cats are in a realm of their own.


Squirrel central!

Upsie, your Mom is amazing, growing fava beans and tomatoes and raising injured and orphaned squirrels. Plus, she cooks all that great stuff. What a woman!


Upsie, you are so generous to share your living quarters with those squirrels, and those baby ones are too cute. Not as cute as you, of course, dear Upsie. Just stay away from Edward's claws, so he doesn't mar your pretty face!


Upsie, your mom's fava beans look great! Don't let Sundance mess with them, ok?


First of all, I'm glad that Upsie is getting prime outside time once again.

Secondly, we have that same little crouching gargoyle in our parsley!

Thirdly, I LOVE THE LITTLE SQUIRRELS!! *sweetness*

Have you covered this? How on earth does one become a champion for the squirrels? That just rocks!!!

Thirdly, your Sundance is much like our Sirius Black. Muscular, fun, and C*R*A*Z*Y!!!

It makes the love that much more special.


Wow- I learned something new- what we always called ground squirrels around the Lake of the Ozarks must be Least Chipmunks http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Least_Chipmunk



I LOVE these guys-where does Mdm. Squirrel have her nails done~??Great shots!

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