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March 24, 2007



They are wonderful creatures to watch!
You do get great pictures!!


oh my gawd! look at the yinyang twins with their eyes open, SOOOOOO cute.

upsie i'm always happy when you display your formidable underbite, you remind me of brak!



Don't worry, we will always love you Upsie even though those baby squirrels do look kinda cute.


Go Upsie! Kill that branch! Stupid branches! I think you're ferocious. If I was a branch, I'd be totally scared of you! Cute little squirrels too!


Those ARE some cute little baby squirrels.

Although not as cute as you, Upsie.


I think you should let Upsie name them. I'd love to see what names she came up with!

Hi Sher! I'm finally back on the internets!


Sooooo cute! Good job on raising them...they are getting big!

Great picture of Upsie attacking the branch.


They are adorable!
I've only seen one squirrel in the 11 years we have lived around Europe.
As I've often been told "The (insert nationality here) eat anything and everything"


The photos are too cute. Upsie, what big fangs you have! Hopefully next week Sundance will be more cooperative when it comes to sitting still for a photograph. Have a great weekend.


Upsie, you will always be cuter than any squirrel I will ever see, including your baby squirrel roommates. That said, they are pretty adorable, but not nearly as adorable as you!


Oh, Upsie you are a very naughty girl ;-P! Very sweet, as usual...

I can understand that you Mom is regressing. Those squirrels are extremely adorable! If I had them in my house, I would have already lost my sense of dignity! I'd be cooing all day long...

Joy T.

Awww babies!! So cute and adorable! Ok you're cute and adorable to Upsie...but in a whole other way. Kind of a furball and attitude sort of cute...and that's pretty darn cute :o)


Oh Upsie, you are the darling kitty, and no doubt you were the cutest furball as a kitten. But you have to admit it Upsie, those two little guys are just darling too!


Kill the Branch is a favorite game at our house, too; good thing that there are always new branches around for killing, or life could become dull.

I'm sure you were an adorable kitten, Upsie, but those squirrel babies are pretty darn cute.

Artsy Catsy

The baby squirrels are adorable but, Upsie, you are stunningly beautiful!!

The Artsy Catsy houseful



you are one very scary kitty -- with big old pointy fangs and slashing razor claws!

all the better to protect your mama & the wee baby squirrels.

grrrrrrr, back atcha!


Seriously, I just LOVE your cat. She is so friggin' hilarious and cute!


Upsie, the squirrels will come and go, but you'll always have a great home and a kick-ass mom!

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