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March 31, 2007



I love Sundance - he's SO CUTE! And BAD! But he makes up for it with cuteness! I don't blame him for chasing Upsie's big plume of a tail, or wrestling her to the ground. I want to do that too, and I'm not even really fond of the smell of catnip! Then I'd flip her over and blow raspberries in her furry belly. Kamikaze loves that! I bet the squirrels wouldn't like that, though!


Sundance looks so devilish with that white bib and those pointed ears!
Of course jumping on Upsie after he's been laying in the catnip would be a given, why else would Upsie be doing it?!
Great photos!


Sundance sure has mischief written all over his face. I love it that he reads Martha....but does he cook for you yet?


Sundance, I just want to run my fingers on your white chest and tickle you :D


Hiya Sundance! Aww, don't get too upset abt Upsie ignoring you, I'll play with you instead.


Sundance has the most gorgeous eyes! FWIW, don't worry so much about the outside when your Mom is kind enough to bring it in and put it on the table for you to play with!


Sundance is so beautiful. Those eyes! The color is so amazing. I could just eat him up (not taking anything away from you, Upsie!).


I love that second photo. He looks like the Hugh Hefner of cats. "Bring me my pipe, will you, dollface? Oh, and my smoking jacket." I expect that when he gets older, he'll start his own wine-tasting blog!


Such cute kitties AND cute squirrels. Will you keep them when they're grown or release them?


Sundance I adore you! You're such a cute and handsome kitty *rrrr* ;o)
Upsie is adorable as always.
Hope you all have a perfect weekend!



You're a gorgeous guy Sundance, but take it easy on your Mom's lamps!


Sundance, congratulations on you first blog entry! You are just too cute! What a nice picture of Upsie in the garden. Try to go easy on her, ok? The squirrels are getting BIG!

Joy T.

Oh my, what a handsome boy you are Sundance. Upsie looks like a paw full when you're trying to wrestle with her. You like the big girls huh :o) Those little animals are called squirrels. Squirrels are 'not' good to eat, 'not' good to chase and 'not' good to harm in any way. Cats don't like squirrels. That's what I've heard.


Sundance, you are so adorable (just as adorable as those baby squirrels). Just remember, Upsie is older than you are. And as you've probably heard, it's best to respect your elders, even when those elders possess a tail as tempting as Upsie's is. :)


Dear Upsie and Sundance (now that you blog too!) I have tagged you with a meme! The question is - What are 5 reasons why you blog?

Upsie, you may have to help Sundance cuz he is still a baby, and doesn't know much.


hi SDK! so nice to hear from ya :) go easy on upsers, she's just set in her ways!!

Amar and Luna

Hi Sundance, great to finally hear you in your own voice.

Try not to cause too much mischief, ok?

taboo & whaleshaman


upsie's stance with ears back is so funny -- she will not be budged by the youngster, who, by the way, is becoming more and more handsome every week. his eye and nose colors are amazing.

uh-oh, looks like the squirrelly-dirrellys [i had a friend years ago called them that] are getting to the b-r-a-t stage [wouldn't want to hurt their feelings by just coming out and saying it].

i love their little black noses. btw, how'd edward scissorhands, the ground squirrel do - did he feel well enough to be released?

thanks for all your lovely posts, sher.


Sundance is such a cutie!! ANd I just love Upsie, she cracks me up! He's really trying to get her to play with him, huh?


Really, it is difficult not to simply pass away from the Squirrel Cuteness. They are just adorable.

Sundance is so handsome! And I am totally loving the arm-around-the-shoulders he's doing to poor, long-suffering Upsie! Ha.

Kelly Cat (and all the Good Cats)

Sundance, you are obviously one handsome fellow. I like that in a cat, being a ginger tom myself. Who needs floofy tails when you have a neat short ginger coat?


I love your pictures! They are always very enjoyable.
Sundance is extremely handsome and Upsie is beautiful, as usual!
Those squirrels are too sweet. Such critters are wonderful...

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