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March 17, 2007



Upsie - can't wait to see you stomp those worms! Poor Sundance, I'm sure when he grows up he gets to go out and boy are those squirrels growing fast. Happy St Paddy's day to the whole family and salmon sounds like an excellent idea.


Upsie, got get those worms! Oh, poor Sundance, he can't help that he no common sense. He sure is a cutie though!


Wow Upsie - you've got some eyes girl! I love the way the one baby squirrel has his arm over the other. So sweet!


Upsie can come to my house for salmon!

Those squirrels are precious.

Joy T.

Green eyes for a green day :o) Poor Sundance, hopefully he will find his common sense soon. Phi and KD are adorable! Sorry Upsie, not as adorable as you, but you know, pretty darn adorable.


Ay, Upsie! Those emerald-green eyes -- and those ears! Love it. Poor little Sundance; he does look forlorn.

Happy St. Pat's day all!


Love that pic of Upsie!

Amar and Luna

Ah yes, all the green eyes come out today.

Glad to Upsie enjoying her worm-stomping outdoors. Luna is enjoying her window-hunting as we speak :)


those eyes upsie, they positively penetrate the lens. i think theres a runway in paris somewhere waiting for you.

omg re the spooning ground squirrels, thats cute overload material. u must send it in!

[kisses for the kid]


What beautiful pictures! Awwww. :) Your kitties are adorable and those squirrels are so cute!!! :)


Aww Upsie, the squirrels are just adorable (though not as adorable as you. Never!) They look like they've had a pedicure... and poor Sundance. Hopefully he will be able to join you outside soon.


Upsie, Sundance, and Squirrels - oh my! I love Sundance's sad looking mug behind the screen. Thanks for joining WCB this weekend Sher! Happy St. Pat's to you and yours!

kross-eyed kitty

Upsie, as always your eyes are the window to your soul! The expression is priceless, and I think you just need to stare at those tomato worms and you will laser-burn them to death! Poor poor pitiful Sundance. 5 years is a long time to wait.
And those squirrels? I have NEVER seen anything so absolutely adorable! It absolutely makes my heart melt.


Happy St. Patrick's day to you!!!
Upsie seems to be taking things seriously and Sundance looks like he'd love to go out (poor kitty)!
Those baby squirrels are so sweet. I love the way they hold each other...


Have fun stomping tomato worms!

Poor Sundance. Maybe he needs to have a harness and leash to go out on! I'm only allowed outside on my harness or in a stroller.

The tiny squirrels are very cute!

pet campbell

I took the liberty of adding your photos to the Carnival of the Cats..
I hope that ok..


Poor Sundance he looks so desperatea and pitiful!
They squirrels al really cute and growing fast.

Kashim & Othello *still fighting the workmen*


Good luck smooshing all those tomato worms! They are so gross! Poor little kitty...he look like he is in jail behind the screen door. Kind of like two of the kitties I have at home who are never allowed outside.

The squirrels sure have grown. So cute!


Have fun stomping on the tomato worms :) look at those cute squirrel babies. They look adorable.


wow, upsie the wild -- green eyes for st. patty's day!

the kid really does look pitiful. i'm sure it's not an act, sher...maybe just a few minutes out in the sun with upsie?

not. [sorry. kiddo, i tried to spring you but your mom's having none of it!]

i have one thing to say about the snoozing long-tails: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.



I have some doubts about poor Sundance. He is a fun little guy--but acts very silly! He won't come when he's called either! It scares me to think what he would do outside.


Yes, Sundance is so cute we forgive him for having no sense!


Yes, the squirrels are so sweet--right now! 12 weeks from now....not so sweet. :)


OK, Upsie is on a bus headed your way.

Joy T,

Yes, it's hard to beat those Disney squirrels. They really are sweat looking. Upsie wants to "play" with them.


Sundance is so funny. He wants to go out--but if I take him outside on a leash he becomes terrified! Poor guy!

Amar and Luna,

Yes, luna looks gorgeous! Her fur is magnificent!


Yes, Upsie eyes did look quite intense. Don't know what she was looking at!


Thank you! We aim to please! :)


Upsie says hi!


LOL!! Yes, those are some nails on the squirrels! Right now they are soft--but in a few weeks they will become sharp!


Thanks for hosting Jenn! Hope you are all recovered from your aches!

Kross-eyed kitty,

The squirrels are very melty! I fear for Sundance. He shows no signs of getting any common sense in the future. He will be one of those fence jumping, stay out all night kind of cats. So, it's indoors for him!!!!


It is sweet to watch how the squirrels hug each other. You know, when they are adults--they will hate each other!!!


I'm trying to train Sundance on a leash--but he goes nutty! I may have to make him a "playpen" outside that's fenced in!


Thank you Pet. And Happy Anniversary on the Carnival!


Oh no!! Poor babies! Those evil workmen are still bothering you!? Not fair!


Yes, kitties can sure tug at your heart strings, can't they. Actually, Upsie wasn't allowed outside either, because she would jump the fence. But, now she has arthritis--and can't jump that far.


Upsie is doing foot stomping exercises--for the worms!!!!!


Oh--you should see what happens if I take him outside. He suddenly freaks out and acts like I'm trying to kill him. So, I take him inside and he runs into his room and hides under the bed for an hour or so!!!!!!


Upsie-that is one intense gaze you have there. How do you stay focused on your daily jobs with those adorable squirrels around? I'm in awe of you, as always.


Squee! Cute pictures, all! Love love love those bebe squirrels.


The squirrels are just adorable! We have a pack of three who live close to our house. We put birdfood on the back porch in the winter for both squirrels & birds.

After they've had their fill, they can be found in one of two sunny places, sleeping in a tight bunch!

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