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March 26, 2007



Hi Sher - I love the colors.....the textures must be great as well.


ooooooooh....pretty pretty colour. You have the bestest fish(sp??) ever.


look at those vibrant colors! its spring wooohooo :)

mmmmm, yup i'm swooning!


Beautiful! And it does look simple. And easy spring/summer supper without a lot of fuss or muss. Thanks, Sher!

Butta Buns

The Triple Dog Dare is not to be trifled with, mwahahahaha! Thank you again for accepting.

Happily, since my Dagwood included roasted red peppers, I already have the ingredients for this waiting at home.


that color! By god, it's gorgeous!! I'll have to try that sauce, it does sound perfect.


What a beautiful looking dish! Piquillo peppers are getting much easier to find in the supermarket these days. Now I know what I'll make with the can that's sitting in my pantry.


Incredible. I have to go make dinner. I just wish I had these ingredients. That really has be wishing I could have been at your table!


That looks so good. I can see why it might be your favorite!


WOW, beautiful. Any excuse to use a blow-torch---in this case the red pepper---I am in. WOW. Oh yeah, I already said that...



Yes, the texture of the dish is very good. I've always liked greens with fish.


Thank you! I do love the color. It's so pretty.


Yes, it looks like spring colors to me too.


It really was simple--and delicious. The delicious part is the most important.

Butta Buns,

Yes, that sandwich you made was really wonderful! Have you recovered yet from eating it?? :):)


Do try the sauce--but control yourself when you're testing it. You may wind up guzzling it all. :):)


This cookbook has several different ways of cooking the piquillo peppers. I had some a couple of years ago and I stuffed mine with high grade canned tuna. it was great.


Well, I wish you had been at my table, eating the dish with me. :):)


Thank you!


Yes, a blow torch for the peppers! Perfect. I have one and never use it!


Beautiful presentation and photo! Like a huge glowing sun with some fish :)


Just awesome. For some reason, snapper is hard to find here, and it's so delicious. Another recipe to save to del.icio.us in case I can find some!

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, what a beautifully set plate: I love it! It looks like those fancy (and very expensive) dishes we see in 5 star restaurants.

I'd be glad to sit for dinner and have a dish like that in front of me - of course it wouldn't last long. ;)

Linda, The Village Vegetable

what a stunning presentation. sweet pepper sauce sounds absolutely divine!


Ooh, I'm thinking of numerous ways that red pepper sauce can be used besides fish. But since I do love the fish, this I gotta try!


Just the other day I made myself a sweet pepper sauce the same way I always do, with cream, and I thought to myself I need to start making some of my pepper sauces non-creamy. You have saved me the effort of thinking how to adapt my recipe, which I greatly appreciate. Thank you!

This sauce (and the greens) sound like a great accompaniment to snapper. If only I could afford them more often. They cost the equivalent of £12 each here!


I love red pepper sauce (As you know, I stock up on them in Andorra)!
The fish, on the greens, surrounded by the sauce - beautiful! Bet it tasted great, too!


This is stunning Sher- and it looks like this Pawlcyn book is a winner huh?


O Sher, i loved the color!!! Great presentation.


Okay, I give! I'll make this this week! Beautiful recipe and beautiful presentation!


That looks great, and believe it or not, I just happen to have some extra pequillo peppers that need to be used. And Dave is going out of town tomorrow, so you know what that means...


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