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March 16, 2007



Does sound like a lot of steps for roasted veggies; I usually just toss them in olive oil, sea salt and black pepper, and roast them at high heat. Will have to try it your way -- they surely do look delicious.


Sher, I'm thinking of recipes that can be prepared ahead, and finalized in the last minute (for Easter's dinner). Seems this one fits my bill! Ideally I could parboil/pre-saute the veg a night before... what do you think? Or I can experiment first. I love your dish - ingrients, colors and all! Really beauitful!


well, that just turns the world all topsy turvy. You mean restaurants have been lying to us about our roasted vege not really being roasted vege? I'm shocked, SHOCKED! Just kidding... I love what thyme (and time!) does to roasted veggies. So delicious. Perhaps this is what I need to make when we're huddling in the apt on Saturday night trying to protect ourselves from the roaming st patty's day hoards.


This looks really mouth watering Sher.


At a great little restaurant in Boulder, Utah (Devil's Backbone Grill), I had a roasted vegetable and goat cheese quesadilla that just rocked. They used the plain cream cheese-like goat cheese, spread it on the tortilla, and then filled it with roasted veggies like you made. They might have used zucchini instead of potatoes. They browned it on the grill (or skillet) and then served it with salsa. Divine!!! Not vegan, but vegetarian.


They look just wonderful. I love those little onions.


I could so do this. I usually roast my potatoes, I could throw all my veggies in there too. Yum. Looks delicious! Thanks for the idea! :)


There's nothing quite as glorious as a platter of roasted veggies. Yours is a beautiful case in point.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I love roasted vegetables! It is always hard to get them all done at the same time...this solves that problem.


My mouth is watering, Sher! I recently bought my first Chiarello book so I find your comments about his recipes very interesting!


Doesn't that look delicious!


Very pretty combination of veggies. It does seem to involve more steps than necessary, but if you say it was worth it, I'll just have to try it.


Those look absolutely beautiful! The colors are so vibrant -- wonderful photos. And each veg does look like it's roasted perfectly.

Yeah -- Chiarello. "Easy Entertaining" my foot! He spends three days prepping all the food for a picnic and then says, see how easy that was? He kills me. He is cute, though, I give him that. And his recipes are good, if you can take the time.


This is what I want for dinner tonight! That is absolutely fabulous looking! I can't wait for my herbs to start really growing again. I've just got the little plants in the ground now.


A lot of work but I bet they were fabulous! Crescent used to parboil them at Dairy Hollow House too, and put tamari on them before hand. It's a great technique. More time but a great technique.


This looks so delicious!
Sounds like a very light dish too and your photos are great!


This looks absolutely delicious and since I love springtime veggies I´ll try it, lest my husband doesn´t want to do it on his grill. that´s his world. :)


This looks really great with great photos.

I have double convection ovens and can cook 6 pans at a time, so I just do different sheets for different veggies. This combination looks great!


Wonderful array of recipes, and appetizing photos to boot! I have to try these roasted vegetables - i usually throw them in the grill basket after par-cooking and marinating them. (my oven doesn't seem to like me)


They look wonderful and I think they would be a great do-ahead dish for a dinner party.
Think of how impressed everyone would be.
How were the leftovers - if there were any?
As I only cook for two I like to think ahead..


Only the gayest straight man on television could come up with so colourful a vegetable melange. ;) Kidding! They look perfect.

Trez Vining

Just tried this with a slight variation. Cooked the potatoes, carrots, and asparagus in my small pressure cooker for about 3 min., instead of par-boiling. Generally followed everything else 'cept I didn't have any Fennel seed - used a little Dill.
I really, really enjoyed this method of vegetable roasting. A bit labor intensive, but the PC took some of the edge off the effort and cleanup.
Try it. I think you'll like it.
Thanks for the goood recipe.
Did I say it is REALLY GOOD?!!


This is a great lazy-weekend-dish I could do to make my apartment smell like home. There may be more steps in the process, but each step would be meditative and relaxing (atleast for me).


Sounds like it has alot of steps to it, but i will still try it. Hope the family would like it, and that i dont ruin them haha. These look very YUMMY, and mouth-watering.
Thanx for the recipe.-Ray

sharon collins

Blessings upon Sherry's family....and Sherry. I am happy her blog is still here. thanks -

Liz Capobianco

Hi there! These veggies look amazing. We're going to be making them for our daughters 2 nd birthday party with the family! I was curious how many serving does this recipe make? We have about 43 people coming and would like to adjust amount accordingly.
Thanks so much,

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