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March 29, 2007



And another great orzo dish. Thanks for sharing and joining in Presto Pasta Night fun.


I really like your alternatives! Sometimes I can't stand up to spectacular, all I'm up for is just good. Know just what you mean! This looks excellent.


Oooh, pistachios and olives -- I have both on hand, and there's always orzo in my pantry, too. Guess what I'm making for dinner....


I learn so much new things from your blog. Have not tried orzo and swordfish have had it at restaurants but never at home
You truly have great fish recipes


I love orzo! That looks yummy - such pretty colors with the pistachios and olives.
I can only get boring old tan pistachios but - flavor is the same.
I have to go cook something now.

Auntie Miranda

I don't know about you, but pistchios just don't "keep" very well for me. Maybe if I'd put them in the freezer, I'd forget I have them and keep OUT of them. This looks yummy.


Sher, your cooking always amazes me! Love to try this out... :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

I love swordfish! I used to get it all the time when I was a teen and my parents would take us to Anthony's Fish Grotto (this restaurant in CA.) Not only did you just bring back great memories but now I have a real hankering for swordfish. :)


Wow! Snap! I did swordfish a couple of nights ago too and I'm going to post it today or tomorrow. I'm just in the process of making an entry to this presto pasta event now. I've heard of orzo before but never found it in the shops here although I may try an Italian deli to see if I can find it. It looks really cool - just like litle grains of rice.

The green of the pistachio looks so good with the purple olives. I can imagine them tasting great together too.


Oh this is perfect. Friday night food feast solved. Thank you for sharing such great recipes. Orzo is great and the swordfish. It will prove to be an interesting meal - thanks.



Thank you for creating and hosting this event!


Yes, sometimes a good, basic meal is fabulous!!!!


Hope you had a great dinner!


Thank you--I learn so much from you too! :)


Have you tried rubbing your pistachios firmly? Sometimes the tan skins will rub off--revealing the lovely green nut. Hope that works.

Auntie Miranda,

HI!!!! Glad you stopped by! Yes, I would put them in the freezer. I do that if I'm not going to eat all my nuts at one time.


Thank you!!! :):)


I'm glad those memories came back. I love how food can do that. No wonder it's so important to us.


Hope you can get the orzo. It's a neat little thing to have around. And I do think the olives and pistachios are great with the swordfish.


Good!!! Now if I can solve my Friday night meal quandry. Don't know what to serve yet!!! :)


what a cool idea, to add pistachios and olives to orzo, sounds DELICIOUS!

i've really been craving swordfish lately, i have to makeit for myself because chris doesnt like it which i can't comprehend!!

Patricia Scarpin

João told me the other day he would like to try swordfish. I haven't tried it yeat either - what a great recipe to start! :)


Sher, this recipe is amasing!!! Yes, I can see the variation is unlimited!!! For dried pasta, very often I can't tell the different between different brands (mostly imported from Italy), would love to see if Misko available in my area. If you said good, I know it's good :D

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