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March 27, 2007



Ah Sher, I really thought I was totally sugared out but that almond, fig, ginger tartlet could interest me. Thank goodness it's all gone. It is all gone or I'll be right there.


Of course there is a rule about cream pies! Can they really last an entire day? I thought it was hours...I'm sure it's hours..


Sher, oh no!!! Don't let me see.........
*licking my pc now*


Ooooh, the apple galette is the one that makes me want to lick the plate, but they all sound fabulous.

Char Buckley

I know for a FACT that the rule of having to force down all cream pies the day they are made is TRUE!!!! I think I was with you years ago when that law went into effect!!! I do believe Norma was with us, some bakery near WHS?? also.....Didn't we compose that law? Three Muskateer's Cream Pie Tort...or something like that!


Now, I heard a different version of the rule - I heard it as cream pies, fruit pies, cakes, tarts, and cookies! Either way - they all look fab! :)


Oh how I love me some pie. And banana cream is one of my favorites!

Kelly Cat's tartaholic human

Oh man... I am lusting in my mouth after those sweet treats. Does the Real Pie Company deliver -- to the East Coast?


Charmayne had never heard of the "must be eaten today" rule? Well, where has she been all of her life? Well, and you too, because in my house growing up it was "must be eaten within the hour", along with the toddler rule of "if I see it or want it, it's mine so hands off or I'll cry."


They all look yummy! Even though there is no actual rule, it is a pretty good one to abide to!


I'm drooling!


Well, I know where I'm going to go next time I'm in the valley and need to bring a dessert to my hosts.
Those look fabulous. I've got the bakery's name tucked away in my wallet. :))



Yes!! I'm so glad that it's gone. I'm putting a moratorium on goodies like that for awhile. Well, until the Easter stuff starts! :):) That tartlet was marvelous!


I believe you are right! They must be eaten as soon as possible. Thank goodness you remembered it.


Too late--you saw it!!!! :)


The galette was so good. The pastry was very flakey and the apples were cooked just right--not mushy.


You are so funny! I do remember something like that. Didn't we cut school one day and go to a bakery? We were the Three Musketeers! :):)


Well, I think I like your rule the best of all. No pastries or pies will ever be safe with me now!


Well, I wish I could send you this banana cream pie. it was wonderful, made just the way it should be made.

Kelly Cat's Human,

LOL!! I don't think they deliver. Maybe overnight delivery..... :)


Personally, I think Charmayne had heard of that rule--but she wanted some cream pie!! Can you blame her?


I'm drooling remembering them!


I think you will enjoy this place. They also have vegetable tarts and other savory pies. I won't be going there often--but every once a in a while...........


i just wanna let you know that all the hoping and wishing and magic incantations can not make those pies jump off the screen into my mouth.

how i know that is a secret.

sher!!!!!!!! they are beautiful but your description of the cream was heavenly.

thanks, i think. ta, i'm off to obsess.

Joy T.

Why why WHY do I come over here for a visit when I'm already hungry. I really must stop because now I'm drooling and embarrassing myself. This right here is my biggest downfall. Some people go for the salty chips, others go for the sweet chocolate....I go for the pastries and pies. HUGE downfall. And probably why I look like a pie. These all look so good Sher!!


I'm drooling over that banana cream pie. I love Banana Cream pie! If I were at a bakery I know my diet would be thrown out the window...there's no way I could go without having the delectable treats from a bakery!


I've got my eye on that almond fig ginger tartlet, that looks so good.


Hi there - stumbled over here from reading another blog. CREAM PIES?! We don't get them here in England. I'm jealous!

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