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March 30, 2007



Lovely Sher. And thanks much for knowing and telling what the flowers are! I really love using herbs in a bouquet, can't wait for my to grow now!


I particularly love herbs and edible berries as the centerpiece! Yours just beautiful!


Belatedly (and all too often that way these days!)... this is lovely! I love the blend of colors and textures.

I wonder if you live near one of my dearest friends? She is somewhere in N. Cali - I cannot recall the town right now. You know what would be cool? If I went out to visit her and was able to meet you too! We've been talking about me visiting her for years - she was my Peace Corps buddy. I'll have to look up her town and see if you live anywhere near her.

I'm not assuming you would want to meet me, just so you know - I'm just saying it would be neat!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Love your centerpiece this month. Rosemary is my favorite... I would be picking it right of of the pitcher.

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