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March 12, 2007


Butta Buns

!!!!! I love it!!!! I'm laughing hysterically over the tabloid, that does seem very appropriate.

You only allow yourself one bag per year? I hope it was a bulk bag, like the kind you get at a Sam's Club or a BJ's Wholesale. Thank you for making my day!


Very funny. Before I was into South Beach I admit I was quite a Cheetos fan.


Oh My God! This looks delicious. I am so trying this. I love macaroni and cheese like nobody's business, and Cheetos too. I'm all about the cheese, if you can't tell that already. So, how did it taste?


Impossible, maybe. But irresistible? Definitely!


wow. wow.
I kinda can't get over that!
I'm sure it was delicious... but, wow!
I'll have to try that the next time the boyfriend goes out of town. He'd never let me make that if he were around. party pooper ;-)


Mmmm... neon orange "cheese."


mmm....love them fakey orangey snacks!


i think it looks delicious!! i'm so glad to know you also read proust wilst cooking.....er i mean what?! brangelina are adopting a 4th OMG!

way to defend your honor, good one!!


That's hilarious! I love the neon day-glow of cheetos. Actually I love cheetos, but only eat them once every couple years or so. More than that and I think it's too much of a shock to the system. Would never have thought of cooking with them though...


Love it! Love it! Love it! It looks really good, even with, or maybe because of, the Cheetos on top.


Yeah this is awesome! I can't help believing the irresistible cheetos crunch must completely elevate this dish.


Absolutely YUM! I am definitely trying this.

Love the idea of using Cheetos in a dish. Thank you!

Susan from Food "Blogga"

I laughed through this whole post! Definitely better choice to go with Brangelina than Proust. Love the photos!


I was wondering if you were going to go through with making it. It actually doesn't look as bad as I thought it might.

Hey, maybe you could leave the Cheetos whole .. or use those little round ones .. or even the flamin' hot ones .. or ..



My problem would be that by the time the pie was baked, there would be no Cheetos left. Cuz it ain't easy bein' cheezey...

Kelly Cat's favorite human

Looks yummy, sounds easy... mmm-boy, them's good eatin'...


Well, um, this looks, um...
Good for you, Sher, for stepping up to the Triple Dog Dare and making this very, um, orange, um...
Jeez! I can't lie. The thought of eating Cheetos makes me shudder!
Love the creativity though!
:)) xoxo


Macaronni, Bisquick AND Cheetos - oh my heart be still because my for would be really busy.
How very funny! I love that movie; so much it's the only movie Ive ever bought! We watch it Thanksgiving and/or Christmas and laugh like it was the first time.


This sounds interesting! The cheddar cheese really wins me over. Won't mind trying the cheetos on top :D


I'm trying to eat my Taco Bell taco's while reading quality food blogs, and I can't! Why?! Good question. Because I'm laughing way too much over your cheeto entry. TOO FUNNY!!!


Oh, that was so funny. However, my husband absolutely loves mac 'n cheese and I am definitely buying the ingredients for this to have for dinner. Personally I am a big fan of cheese in anything!


Cheetos and Brangelina, both yummy, mmm! Actually I haven't made any mac-n-cheese pie, yours looks incredibly delish and easy, will be back for your recipe when kids come to my house!


That was a Funny write up :) So was this with a bonus bag of Cheetos ?


Well, Sher I was really typing fast there and left off the k in fork.


You're awesome!


Butta Buns,

Glad you liked it! Yes, I must exercise restraint with salty foods. I love them so much and would eat them all the time!


Yes, those Cheetos are quite addictive!


This is the easiest macaroni and cheese dish I've ever made. It tasted good. It actually tasted less fatty than most M & C that I've ever had. The amount of bisquick is small and it tasted light, but good!


It was fun and hard to ignore when it's sitting in front of you!! :):)


LOL!! You can share it with your new feline friend! He would like it. Or maybe not!


I wish it had been even more neon. It will be years before I make it again, if ever--so why not have it be really garish!


LOL!! Me too!


(Whisper..Don't tell anyone, but I could never finish Proust. My mind starts to wander....) Yes, I couldn't let anyone Triple Dog Dare me!!! :) But, glad she did!


I love them too, and don't indulge but once a year. Same with potato chips.


Yes, if you're a sucker for Cheetos--it looks great!!


Thank you. It was a fun dish. Sometimes we need a silly, fun dish. I almost felt like I was a kid again with my Easy Bake Oven.


Let me know if you liked it, if you fix it. :)


Good--I wanted people to laugh! Brangelina is much easier to read than Proust!


Flaming hot!! OHHH! That would be fierce! :):)


You don't want to fix this for one of those great beach dinners? I'm shocked! :):)


Yes, I watch that film every year. Love the part where the kid gets his tongue stuck on the pole. Great movie.


When you fix it--people will never forget it! Even if they don't like it. :):)


I bet there is a Impossible Taco Bell Pie! :):)


You will enjoy how quick this is to fix. Try to use a 10 inch pie pan, if you can. :)


Oh--kids would love this. Or an adult who still has a lot of the kid in them! :)


Thank you. That was my annual bag of Cheetos, I only get to eat them once a year! :)


I'm sure that some Cheetos and Cystal Light Pink Lemonaide would make your back feel better!


*dies laughing*


Oh goodness! How did I miss this post?? That looks so awesome, and the Bisquick made it in there too. You rock, Sher!


oh my god that's awesome!


wow hahah that is soooo funny but it looks delicious I will try that :)

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