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February 12, 2007



Yum! I would want one slice right away, can't wait! :) Thanks for a great write-up.


Looks delicious!


I want to plant a blackberry bush in my yard!!! All for your lucious berry bread!

Butta Buns

Oh yum! Can't wait for the blackberries to come back this year.


Yum! This looks delicious. I love Nigella ... :)


What a great-looking Kuchen, would love to have a huge piece :p

Patricia Scarpin


Posting photos like these is a mean, mean thing! ;)

Blackberries, cinnamon, almonds... I'm drooling here.


What a great special bread! And I especially like the overnight rise in the fridge. Makes everything so much more manageable for a morning brunch! I'm sure there are many fruit combos that would do well here. Looks wonderful!


I can just imagine the Nigella voice-over: "Now that it's cooled just a touch, you can luxuriate in that first, heady bite."
*takes a slow sensual moaning bite*
"The richness of the butter and sugar has been tamed by the lovely tartness of the blackberries. Assuredly, this is best eaten with a lingering hint of warmth..."


How wonderful this looks! I've been on a blackberry kick lately so this looks extra yummy to me.

Hmm... we need to invent some way to share all this lovely food (the real stuff) with everyone!

Susan from Food "Blogga"

Something this delectable can be made in a jiffy? I kneel in honor of Nigella Lawson.


this is so pretty! the recipe for the dough sounds delicious with butter and milk. yum :) you have one lucky husband, your recipes of late have been magnificent!


Ah ha, this is the kuchen you were referring to! I can see why you ate so much!


I've never heard of kuchen before, I am assuming it's like a coffee cake of sorts? It looks delicious though! I really need larger appliances but I need more counter space for them! ROFL!



Thanks! I wish it wasn't gone--could do with a slice myself. :):)


Thank you!


Thanks! I wish I had blackberry bushes too. That would be perfect. :)

Butta Buns,

Thanks! I think fresh berries are so wonderful--it's hard to resist buying, even though they can be expensive.


Thanks! Yes, I love watching her shows.


Thanks I hope you can make it for yourself someday--it's very easy! :)

Patricia Scarpin,

Thanks! Sorry to be so mean! :):) I know how it is to see a picture of food you want to eat!


Thanks! Yes, this was very easy. I liked the overnight rising and it was quite easy to put it together the next morning!


Thanks! LOL!! You really had me laughing with that PERFECT rendering of Nigella! Spot on!


Thanks! I don't think we can ever get enough blackberries, do you? :):)


Thanks! Yes!! It really is easy. :):) Nigella loves these kinds of recipes to make late at night or before breakfast.


Thanks! The nice thing about this is that it's not too sweet, if you know what I mean. I'm going to tell my husband, "Hey! You're lucky!" :):)


Thanks! Yes--this was the very thing. I had to tear myself away from it and pretend it wasn't there! It was so tempting.


Thanks! I think "kuchen" does mean cake, at least that's what I read. But, this is really a bread, of course.


Oh my goodness Sher, the blackberries are stunning. I think that this is the sort of thing I'd tell myself is a healthy soulful breakfast and then proceed to eat about half of it. With soft peaks of whipped cream or vanilla icecream too.

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