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February 10, 2007


Ari (Baking and Books)

Definitely can't go outside, you have the beautiful blown out salon hair to think of!


So funny! My cats do the exact same thing -- they're so mad about the subzero temps and they're going so stir-crazy that they go to the door over and over again as if to be sure it's still too cold to be out. They stay out for 30 seconds and then want back in (of course -- coulda told ya that, you goofballs!). Upsie is making herself look quite pathetic at that door. Sundance is looking as sweet as ever, I could just eat him up (hey, that goes right along with food blogging!).

Boston Chef

We love coming to your site on weekends to read about the adventures of Upsie!


Oh Upsie you again prove to be quite photogenic! I think it is great that you included a cute picture of Sundance too. It is cute that Sundance is kissing the toy, even if it does have squirrel cooties. I am not sure why humans want to stop playing games, especially the good game at the door. I think that is a fantastic game!


Upsie, you're one smart cat for staying out of the rain, and I do generally believe everything you say. But, your mom is one sweet lady, and she wouldn't lie about you eating that bread. But that's okay, because I still love reading about your adventures!


Bustopher plays that game too! He seems to think we can make it warmer outside, and so every, oh....like two minutes, he cries to go out and then leaps back when the cold air hits him. Then we get the look.....like it's our fault.


Ah, the old in-and-out game! Enrique used to pull that one on us. I think they teach it to cats at Feline University: Ways to Annoy Your Owner 101.


I love the pic of Sundance kissing the bear. it's soooooooo cute!


sundance looks so sweet, but you are looking very curte too upsie :)


It's raining in vienna too and Othello does not like it at all!


Upsie you did NOT eat muffins. you love them heehee! rain? i cant believe you got rain there, can you send some to us? you kitties have a nice week :)


Upsie's behaviour is hilarious and I love her face expression (very stern with burning eyes) on those pictures! Cute!
And Sundance is looking sweeter than ever!


Oh, Upsie do watch your nose, it may be growing like Pinocchio!


China Cat & Willow do the exact same in/out procedure at the door. Actually, I will say that it is mostly Willow but she is only 3 and China is 10 - China likes to sleep!

And, as always both Upsie and Sundance are very photogenic! Such pretty kitties!



Yes! I think Upsie is very vain about her fur!


Yes, it does seem to be a universal cat behavior, doesn't it? Upsie goes crazy if I don't let her out, then seems indignant that I'm making it rain!

Boston Chef,

Well Upsie is so glad that you do come over here! She wants to go visit your fab grilled food!


Yes, you grasp the nuances of the in and out game so well. Sundance kissed the cootied toy, but then he bit it too! He is yin and yang about it!


Well, I'm shocked that Upsie has tried to pin those bite marks on me! Kids! You never know when they will turn on you!


LOL!! Yes! Upsie acts like I made it rain. She goes out and then she looks at me like it's my fault. As if I control the weather. Wish I could.


Yes, they get a BA in that at the feline university, as I recall!


Yes, Sundnace is quite the lover!


Ahh, "raining in Vienna" sounds soooo romantic. Hugs and kisses to both of you two sweeties! :)


Isn't it raining down there with you? Oh well,I need to look at the entire map when they show the weather for the state on TV, eh? :):)


Yes, Upise seems to try and cast a spell on me when she wants something very bad. She stares at me like she will hypnotize me!


LOL!! Her nose does look longer!!!!!!!


Maybe Upsie will start wanting to sleep instead. Here's a funny thing: Sundance is frightened of the backyard. He doesn't even like to look at it from inside the house!


Both of your cats are beautiful. Upsie has such a beautiful coat and Sundance looks like a total cuddler, so sweet.

Hope you guys get a break from your rain (but I know you need it there!).

Bonnie from Virginia

My cats do the same thing when it rains. My husband says "They don't know what to do with themselves" so they eat!


upsie looks wonderful, like she's recovered from all her skin and fur growing out woes.

the bebe... in this photo he looks positively marbled, but i thought he was a real striped ginger baby. in an earler photo in january his stripes show a bit more.

he's a cutie.

do they play together?

thanks, sher. i always enjoy your photos & narratives.


That sounds like a fun game! I wouldn't want to go outside in the rain though. Since I have no fur, I would be cold. I only get to go outside in the summer on my harness.

You and Sundance are both lovely cats. I enjoyed your photos!


Mysri in teaching the in & out game to Coca, they have 3 doors to do so and change every hours !!!
Will be back for recipees, i love cooking and i participate to a cookbook recently "une souris dans le potage"

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