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February 17, 2007



Upsie is every so cute with her burning laser eyes! And Sundance is a sweet naive looking little kitty! Nice litter box...

In fact, I'm not hosting this week's WCB round-up!!! As a matter of fact, I don't know who should be doing it...


upsie your looking ever so dainty these days, have you been working out? don't let those runway models get to you, you look just fine, FINE. sundance kid is so adorable with the tennis ball, but shameless!!


I don't know who is hosting, but I am on the docket for next weekend. I'll post something, if anyone finds out who the lucky cat is, drop me a link! Thanks!

Oh, and Upsie, the box is SO you!


That cat box is maahvelous, dahling!

Little Sundance is quite the scamp. The tennis ball thing is too funny.


Purple, even. You are two lucky cats! Very pretty for princesses.


Cute kitties!


It's nice to see Sundance in relation to other objects because he's not as big as I thought he was! I love when cats carry stuff in their mouth and play fetch! Keep on doing it so he doesn't grow out of it!


It's nice to see Sundance in relation to other objects because he's not as big as I thought he was! I love when cats carry stuff in their mouth and play fetch! Keep on doing it so he doesn't grow out of it!


Yeah, but can your cats play the piano?
Watch this; it's hilarious and very sweet.

Amar and Luna

Hi Sher, it looks like KitchenMage is volunteering this week in the absence of an official host.


I love that photo of Sundance playing ball :)


Yes! I am impromptu hosting. Your two are most cute...and awake, which is different.


That is the cutest litter box (I don't think I ever saw myself saying that!) ever!


Oh Upsie, LOL! Your little kitten Sundance is funny! And may I say, you are one styling kitty with the prettiest litter box I have ever seen!


Upsie-girl and Sundance-man, what lucky cats to have such a fine litter box. Purple is my favourite colour! I e-mailed a few times, asking to be added to the WCB hosting schedule - but no go. I had fun the last time I hosted. Ah well.


That's a great litter box and a lovely colour for you. :) Sundance, you look very sweet carrying that ball in your mouth! :)


Oh what a fancy new litterbox you have!
And you two look adorable as always!


whaleshaman & taboo

ahhh, upsie, i see you still can stare down the young whippersnapper! you got it grrrl! [he is kind of cute but we can't let it go to his head yet -- there's time enough for that.]

we love your new "digs," so much more aesthetically pleasing. he is kinda rude though, but that's probably just the youngster in him.

i've never seen a cat carry a tennis ball in his teeth like that -- they're heavy and hard to get hold of -- so he's not only adorable but clever. he must be taking lessons from empress upsie!

upsie, we saved some shrimp from the new year's dinner we cooked...locarb and good for our figures!

see how pretty?

[mom says she finally remembered to take the camera to the kitchen while she was cooking, but wants to know: how do we handle the steam problem clouding up the picture??]

anyways, you're looking good as usual.

your friends,
ws & t


Love the new litter box! It really makes a statement! Wish I could get one that big -- it looks enormous and that's just what I need.

Upsie: Good job on the stare-down.


Upsie, you are a fashion icon well ahead of your time, and that purple litter box is perfect for you.


First of all, that is one great looking litter box! And that picture of Sundance holding a tennis ball is too cute - I've never seen a cat do that before!


Upsie, that you and that little box belong on Project Runway.



Sorry about designating you! :):) That must have been a surprise!

That litter box is proving to be quite popular with the kitties!


Upsie is being kept on her toes by Sundance who must be on meth, from all the energy he has. We can not keep up with him as he gallops through the house each day, discovering more and more things to investigate!


Ok, looking forward to your WCB party next week.


Yes, it's nice to see that litter boxes are now stylin'. :):):) Maybe they'll put rhinestones on them next. Shudder.


Yes, Upsie likes the Austin Powers look to the box!


Thank you!


Yes, Sundance is growing, but he's a kitten (in the teen years). He's very good with his paws, I must say. Catch things in mid-air.


Oh, I LOVE that!! Thank you so much! Nora is so sweet looking--and she's pretty good! Sort of a Philip Glass thing going on there!

Amar and Luna,

Thanks for telling me that. Hope all is well for you guys there. The winds are starting to pick up here in Davis.


Thank you for stepping in! That was very cool!

Jennifer, Kitikata-san, and Lisa,

I got the litter box at Petco. They have a series of litter boxes in purple and blue. But, they are very functional. The clumps don't stick to it, if you get what I mean. :):)And it's very big!


You and Kami had a great WCB party! I think there are open spots for hosting again. I'll check!


Thank you!!! hugs'n'kisses to you too! :)


That was a great shrimp dish, I must say! Upsie loves shrimp a lot. The picture was great. I have trouble with steam too. Sometimes I just have to turn off the fire! :):) And Sundance is turning into one of those hardbody kitties who have a lot of strength. Who knows what he will try to pick up next!


Upsie says thank you very much!! She aims to be stylish!


Sundance is starting to do more and more things that amaze us. I think he makes a list everyday of things he wants to tackle!


Project Runway is one of our favorite shows! Go Tim Gun! Make it work!

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