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February 11, 2007



Sher, a great write-up!!! And an excellent recipe!


Thank you so much for this elegant contribution to Vegetable Love. I agree with gattina--excellent write-up and recipe!


Sher, that is so creative and such lovely pictures. This is a must try for me. :) The Shepard's Pie looks amazing too!


Holy cats! That is beautiful Valentines Onion Soup! Amazing!


Lovely! Very nice Valentine's Day choice --actually it would be a good choice for any day but that color really does make it appropriate.


I just had French onion soup the other night. It has HOW many calories?!? And I thought we were being fairly healthy, oy...

Love the heart shaped crouton, and the healthy recipe!


Holy heck, that looks so adorably cute!


I am impressed! What beautiful yet simple presentation! I seriously love your pictures. I feel like I could just grab the bowl from the picture. It's so crisp and clear (the picture).


Very cute!!


ohman! that is simply charming. i love it. i was uninspired to make sosmething sweet for valentines day. what a great idea to do a savory dish, i just want to pick that crouton up and hug it!


ps, if finally rained last night. sleeping with the window open to listen was heavan :)


What a lovely looking dish. Love, sweet love!


Very, very nice job Sher! I love the simplicity of the ingredients and I LOVE the heart crouton!

kross-eyed kitty

I wish I had known yesterday how many calories are in a bowl of french onion soup! Yikes!!! (and it was the first time I had ordered it in many, many years!)
This recipe looks exceptionally good, and looks like it is WW friendly! And perfect for Valentine's Day. By golly, I'm going to make it this week!



Thank you! Deborah Madison is always reliable!


Thank you! I'm looking forward to the Roundup. I bet there are a lot of interesting recipes.


Thank you! I hope you like it, if you fix it. :):) And glad you liked the Sheperd's Pie!


Thank you! My husband has been enjoying it a great deal.


Thank you! My husband had another big bowl for dinner last night. If we have any left, I may save it for a base for stew.


Thank you! Yes, onion soup is often on those lists of food that can kill you in a restaurant. The list that takes all the fun out of dining!? :):) I hate that list!


Thank you. For Valentine's Day--adorable is the way to go.


Thank you! I must give all the credit for the picture to my husband--he gave me a new camera for Christmas. It does all the work. Well, I do hold it! :):)


Thank you! I'm still searching for the right soup for your event.


Thank you! I loved those croutons--glad you liked them. In fact, now I want to make croutons in different shapes! I'm crouton crazy! :):)


Thank you! It is rather passionate looking! :):):)


Thank you! I too love the simplicity. It's a very subtle soup--and it would also make a great base for a more complicated soup.

Kross-eyed kitty,

Thank you! Yes, it's pretty shocking isn't it-the calories in a small bowl of onion soup. But, if you only have it once in many years, it's not too bad, eh? :):) This is very good, but it certainly isn't like regular onion soup. But, you could sprinkle some parmesan on the crouton and make it a tiny bit more like the real thing! :):)


Hi Sher
I love French Onion Soup but as you said i have to watch "you know what" :)before I eat it.
This looks like such a nice soup and so warm and the lovely red. Only one question, can we do something to substitute the wine, it's ok for me but if I want to make for the family, it might not be agood idea for the little one :)



That is a very good question!!! I discussed it in my newest post. I was under the impression that alcohol burned off quickly in cooking. But, I did a little research and that is not always the case, as you probably already knew! :):) You could replace the wine with stock. Or you could use the grape juice that they use to make wine. They are less sweet and have a taste like wine--but they have no alcohol. They can be hard to find though. I'm glad you asked this question because I have learned something new and useful--thanks!


This is very cute! I was just saying I was starving for some onion soup as well.


Hi Sher,

This soup is BEAUTIFUL and the picture would be perfect for a flyer I'm making for an event on my (very small) college campus. I was hoping to use it; only about 30 or so flyers would be printed and your image would never be sold, distributed, etc. beyond that. Is that okay with you? I'd love to make it sometime; it looks wonderful. Kudos to you!


Love it!
To the point, articulate, and interesting.
Great Wines

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