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February 16, 2007



oh i very much like this. and i am always on the lookout for chicken recipes. wonderful

Amy K

I am holding on to this one. Now that it is almost March, I need to get back to healthier eating! Thanks for the recipe and photo - both are motivational!


Sher, it is a beatuiful salad, I'm actually feeling the warmth in my hand while reading how you prepared the drippings and setting the plates in oven!
Remember I've made your croutons to my mother-in-law, she thought they're fried (as they're too good to believe they're just that simple and health!). I'm planning to plant thyme this Spring, you keep showing their beauty, I can't resist!!!

Patricia Scarpin


These thyme croutons are on my mind now! :)

The salad looks terrific - I love arugula!


WOW. That sounds amazing. Now that I've lost my fear of roasting chickens I plan on doing it often. What a great use for the leftovers! Thanks!


I don't know about thyme restoring health, but a bit of roast chicken...well, that always makes me feel better! Lovely salad.


I don't know about thyme restoring health, but a bit of roast chicken...well, that always makes me feel better! Lovely salad.


I absolutely love salads like this! So fresh and healthy...


Looks delicious! And we'd love to see pics of your thyme bushes too, when you get a chance....


Sher - this looks wonderful. Thyme croutons sound wonderful I am hoping for an equally delicious recipe for Green Blog Project :)


Sher - Those croutons are making me salivate! I've never made my own, but now I want to!


Sorry to hear you aren't feeling that great, but at least it's a holiday weekend. Rest up and take it easy. This sounds just fantastic. I love arugula. I'm always looking for something to make with the leftover chicken when I get one of those roast chickens from Costco, sounds like a winner!


I love the Zuni cookbook but am yet to cook from it! I have often gazed at this recipe and yours looks just as yummy!


Sher, this looks sooooo yummy. I'm going to try your cruoton recipe ASAP.


Ugh, i am sitting at a desk at work and just dying reading this. Sounds so good.

Joy T.

Note to self: Never ever ever EVER come on Sher's blog when you've skipped breakfast and haven't had lunch yet!!!


Sher, I hope the thyme made you feel better. It's one of my favorite herbs. I didn't know this was one of Zuni's signature salads- I bet'd be great with a little baby dandelion mixed in.


Goodness gracious that is the most incredible looking salad maybe in ever!!
I am going to have to break down and get me that Zuni Cookbook.
Hope you're feeling as good as that salad looks very soon!


Ooh hooo! That looks delicious! Now that is a salad I could really dig.

And btw, I am making your Enchiladas possibly tomorrow night- I will post pics and a review as well! I'm sure it will be fabulous! I am dying to try it!



I'm glad you like it! It's really delicious.

Amy K,

I'm glad this is motivating you! It shows we can eat something very good--as well as healthy, eh? :)


There's something so nice about fresh thyme, the smell and the look of the plants. And thyme croutons are yummyi! I find myself stealing a few when I make them. Can't resist taking some before I put them in a salad or soup!


I hope you make it, because it is one of the best salads I've ever had---and very easy to make too.


I think you will be roasting tons of chickens!! I'm predicting that you will be making this salad too! I'm feeling very psychic! :):)


I agree with you--roast chicken is very rejuvenating because it puts me in a good mood as I eat it!


Yes, that how I feel too. Delicious and healthy. :):)


OK, pics of the thyme bush coming up!


Yes, I will certainly take part in the Green Blog Project! Looking forward to it.


I promise you, making them is so easy. But, not eating them up immediately might be hard to resist! :)


I agree, arugula is delicious. And it adds a real spark to this salad that makes it special.


I've only made two from the book so far. It is a very good cookbook, fun to read.


Good! I do hope you like the croutons! :):)


You had the same reaction as I do to your fabulous cupcakes--drool!

Joy T,

Sorry about that! :):) It can be dangerous to read other blogs, I agree.


Oh yes! Dandelion would be great! Just smelling thyme makes me feel better. I've always wanted a thyme lawn, can you imagine how that would smell as you walked on it?


I'm feeling a little better--thank you!! I do recommend the Zuni Cookbook. Some of the recipes are very involved. But, it's fun to read them.


I saw this picture and I was dazzled. Your salad looks so delicious that I'm inspired to add roast chicken to the menu some night this week. (Which is a good idea in and of itself -- hey, thanks!)


Oh, this looks so yummy! A salad is what I need right now in this hot weather of Melbourne!


My God! That looks incredible! Really gorgeous -- all the colors and textures. Another must-try for moi.

the chocolate lady

Wow, Sher,

This is so pretty. It must be nice to have thyme bushes!


I´m rushing to the market to fetch your veggies and spices. It´s an absolutely misty day here. So your salad will brighten it up. :))

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