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February 20, 2007



I have retinal lattice degeneration, which means I have fun with floaters. Stupid eye jelly!!

Mmm, spuds 'n' cheese!



Oh yeah--the floaters! I get huge ones that float around and feel like there's cellophane inside my eye. It's ever so much fun! Not!


I have very little control with chips as well :( Sucks because I do love 'em

Patricia Scarpin


I'm making these potatoes tomorrow for lunch - they look so yummy!

Oh, and for the record, I had a huge crush for R. Redford when I saw "This Property Is Condemned" and things only got worse for me after "Barefoot in the Park" ;)


this potatoe dish looks wonderful and it will be made soon. Thanks!


oh yeah Cary Grant always and forever!!! Wore out 2 VHS tapes of An Affair to Remember and now have it on DVD.


Have you ever had the healthy Cheetos version- Barbara's brand cheddar and jalapeno flavored? It's like cheetos but no bad oils and it has that kick-absolutely addictive and did I mention full of Vitamin C and fiber too?


Homer Simpson drooooool. I love potatoes and especially once baked with cheese and milk. They just seem to go together perfectly.


Cary Grant: Yes, yes, yes! I like all the movies on your list of movies but I think my favorite of his movies is The Philadelphia Story.

The potatoes look both crisp and creamy which is such a great combination. Delicious!


Lovely post. Know more about you. :D Not to mention that the potatoes look great!


The potatoes look divine.
I've loved Cary Grant since I was in grade school. And that was a really long ago.
I should try to follow your lead and limit myself to twice a year! Boy can I relate to no interruptions.


Hi Sherry - Wonderful post! And those potatoes bring on a major carb craving....


love your list, i'm righ there with you on the cheetos. i have to eat the whole bag too. those and pringles. it's been a long time since my last orange finger incident :(

i bet those potato's are *wonderful*!


The potatoes look yummy and the meme was lots of fun! I can't stop eating Cheetoes when I start. Luckily we can't get them here so I only eat them when we visit my husbands family!


That is TOO funny about the chips but I totally understand. I normally skip that aisle in the grocer's because I tend to have NO self control.



I so love them too! I think they are a gift from the gods--to test us!


Oh, I hope the potatoes pleased you!

Ah yes, I actually have copies of both of those Redford films. That's how much I like him!!


Love your name! :) I love that Cary Grant film too! He was so elegant.


Healthy Cheetos!!!! I don't know if my body could wrap itself around that concept! :):) Well, I will look for them. Maybe I'll have a taste test: I'll get the healthy ones and some Cheetos and I'll eat both and compare.........

Thanks, I'm getting very excited about this!!!!! :)


Yes, these potatoes are drool worthy. Bob ate all of them, no leftovers.


Oh yes, How could I have left out The Philadelphia Story? I love the scene at the beginning of the film where he pushes Hepburn down! Holiday was great too!


Thank you. These kinds of memes are fun!


Pringles!!! I love those too. And I haven't had Screaming Yellow Zonkers for years--but I still lust after them.


Thanks! Those carb cravings can be severe....... :)


Yes, I love the orange fingers. It's fun to lick my fingers as I eat the Cheetos. Gee, I'm getting a Pringle craving now.


Oh no!! A Cheetos free world? Well, I bet you really enjoy them when you get them. :):) Actually, if there weren't Cheetos in the store, I would be able to do my grocery shopping a lot easier. :)


It can be torture for me to walk down the snack aisle. And for some reason they put all the snacks in an aisle that I have to use to get things my husband likes--microwave popcorn and dried fruit!


Oh, those potatoes look heavenly! I love that kind of dish (a bit like Gratin Dauphinois, but not quite though)...

Thanks for doing the meme and letting us know more about yourself!


Have you tried baked cheetos?? Ick. Just not the same! I am not a huge chip fan but every so often (like once a year) i'll go grab a bag of Cheeto Puffs! Yum.


Sher - I practiced similar ritualistic eating with fudge from Eagle River, Wisconsin. Only purchased at the end of the summer before I had to go back to school. Your reference to smoked fish from Door County the other day had me missing cherry season.


I grinned when you said didn't like distraction when you snacked; I'm the same :D Chips, you devil!
Thanks for this great potato recipe, I know I'll love it :)


I love the potato recipe! I made gnocci one night...believe me, it took forever. Got it from Biba's Italy as well.

I have eye crud too but the doc says I'm fine. Hmmm.

My evil snack is doritos with rotel and cheese dip and I eat it during the superbowl.


I'm right there with you on Cary Grant and greasy cheesy Cheetos; btw, Cary Grant and Cheetos sound really weird in the same sentence, but what can we do: this is life!


You did Ina Garten proud with your double chocolate cake, and you did yourself proud applying the frosting! It looks professional. Your blog is fun to read, and I like the title. Happy cooking and baking!

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