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February 26, 2007



I love making fried rice -- like your recipe, that doesn't call for tons of soy sauce. It's often Sunday night dinner for us, because we toss in all of the leftover veggies from the weekend.


The market goodies are really fantastic looking. So close to your house - lucky!
I'm a big fan of fried rice, the hardest part for me is having leftover rice as my husband usually puts milk, cinnamon and sugar on it before I can get it into the wok.

Patricia Scarpin

I've always wanted to know how to make good egg rice at home - tks for this recipe, Sher!


This sounds like the perfect day to me!


Hi Sher - That's quite an interesting culinary tour.....great variety!


Yum -- tamales for breakfast! My kinda way to start the day. And that yogurt looks so pretty, with the blue from the berries and the pistachio green.

Nice fried-rice recipe, too . . .

Glenna Muse

The tamales look great. Sorry they weren't up to the Davis ones but glad you didn't have to work hard in the kitchen since you didn't feel good. The rice looked wonderful too, so good in fact that I just turned to Gene and asked "Can we go to Mr. Yen's for dinner?" I'm not in the mood to cook either.


Yum! Another one to make! (Egg Fried Rice.) I think I will make this one when my mom comes up in April! (I promise to take pics and write about it too!)

Speaking of, I made the Enchilada Stacks last night and will be writing about that soon! (I took pictures too!) Yours were definitely prettier than mine, and I added too much cilantro. I'm definitely more of a baker than a cooker! LOL!!!

Sue (coffeepot)

I am stomping my feet. I never had greek yogurt.

Oh well..I am sure there are many things I will never taste.

I am in a weird mood.

Sher your photos are great as always too.

Julie tilsner

There's a place down here in SoCal called Gourmet Tamales that makes the best tamales on the planet. Worth driving for. There's always a line down the street...and everyone is in it, including all the Mexicans (who don't suffer a subpar tamale for a moment). The chicken tamale with green sauce is like a religious experience. One day, Sher. One day. We're gonna try to make tamales ourselves. Which I understand is another experience akin to religion. Bring the wine!
(I'm gonna try this fried rice recipe too!)


Sher, I too love Greek yoghurt! I always have one big tube (1kg) in the fridge. :) And your fried rice loooks so yummy!

Julie tilsner

OMG!!! I just saw the Greek yogurt with blackberries and pistachios!!!!
Why must you make me suffer so?
Food porn!!


I have just recently discovered Greek yogurt ... it's finally a yogurt I can eat. Yum! And adding blackberries (my fav) and pistachios? Looks like my new breakfast ...


Your food pictures are to die for.

I grew up around lots of Greeks so always had the yogurt and real Greek feta. Love it.

I am craving tamales and Greek food now!


I adore greek yogurt! Those blackberries look fantastic, I have serious fruit/veggie envy. Maybe it's really just California envy.


You only live a minute or two from Ikeda's? (Or so I am guessing by the labels on your goodies). Lucky you. I don't think I'd be able to resist stopping in daily for one of their pies. Theare awesome, especially the peach. Of course, I'm also addicted to their burgers...


I dont know what I like the best- the cookies, tamales, the yogurt fantasy or the fried rice. Sounds like a good day!


My dinner tonight was fried rice, tofu and vegetables with egg, but I fried the egg over easy and slipped it on top of the fried rice. With Vietnamese Sriraha Sauce it's pretty tasty!



Yes, I think that fried rice is one of the great recipes. It's very flexible and you can use up odds and ends to make it. I never get tired of it.


Ah yes! I have to hide the rice from my husband. I put it in the back of the fridge with other food items in front of it. :):)


Well, thank you!!


It was pretty good. The sun even cameo ut for a couple moments! :)


LOL!! Thank you!


It was a good day for me. I'm on a yogurt and fruit jag right now! I would eat it for every meal. :):)


I hope you had your Mr. Yen's. You've been working hard these days!


It may be at your grocery store, hidden behind all the other yogurts? That's what happened to me. I was complaining to the clerk at the store about them not carrying it, and he calmly walked over and showed me several brands. Jeesh!

I'm always in a weird mood! :):)


Now I will be thinking about those tamales! I had fabulous soft tacos at a teeny little food stand in LA years ago. I still remember them. Sigh.

And yes, I have a fantasy of making tamales with other tamale fanatics. Imagine that, freezing big bags of them for the future.

Julie, Alisha, Melly53, & E,

I'm madly in love with Greek yogurt right now. I have my stash of it on one side of the fridge and Bob's non-Greek variety is on the other side. And I count the containers to make sure he hasn't taken one of mine. Imagine walking to the fridge with your mouth all set for that container of Greek yogurt....and they're all gone?


Oh it was very good. May I say that the cookie was yummy? Well, I just did! :)


They serve burgers at Ikeda ???? I have to go over there tomorrow and check this out! And don't get me started about those pies........... And the cookies. The dips and corn chips? Argh!! I have to stop thinking about that.


That sounds fabulous!!! I love a fried egg on top of most things. (Well, not cake.) I must try this the next time I make fried rice. Thank you!!!!


oh i love fried rice, this looks amazing. i never thought to use bacon, yum...

the farmers market here has the best tamales too, i dream of them.


I picked up some great Greek yogurt at Trader Joe's today. Fage. It is the best!


This looks like a day of perfect meals to me. Especially tamales for breakfast. Definitely my kind of breakfast.

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