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February 28, 2007



Madison steps in again. I love her books and the recipes.
Your photos are fantastic! Beautiful.


Mouthwatering photos! I haven't had pasta in ages, and this dish reminds me of what I've been missing.


Mmmmm... that looks so wonderful, like springtime on a plate. Great photos too!

I love the little iris garden. It truly does whisper 'spring' when I look at it.

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, this is delicious!

Your ingredient combinations are always so good, and pasta is always welcome.


Your pasta looks absolutely delicious! I'll have to join in the pasta night and see if I can come up with something at least half as good looking. :-)

The flowers are beautiful too. It was just the "spring" I needed this morning since our wind is blowing horribly again today.


The pasta looks fantastic! Really beautiful. And so do the iris. I keep thinking I need to get my bulbs out that I've stashed in the fridge and pot them but I'm not as organized as you are so I might take mine directly to the ground in a few weeks! Lovely.


you know, marjoram is one of those herbs you don't see much of, but it really is tasty. I bet it played rather nicely with the zucchini. yum!


What beautiful photos and a perfectly divine pasta dish. Can't wait to try it!


This really cheers me today!

BTW, I am adding a link on my site. I have been remiss.


Sher, your post is so beautiful - the pasta & the baby iris. I love iris, so beautiful!

I'm saving your pasta recipe now. Sound so yummy. :) And I love the way you put: serve 2-4. Some of my 4-portion pasta recipes were just enough for 2 :D


lovely in all ways, thanks.


I especially like the ribbons of zucchini. This looks easy and good. Bytheway- made the Sicilian chicken with lemon and mint. It was interesting, just as you said the mint is something totally different cooked like this. I did not use enough mint though. I just got 2 packages at the store, so i'll make it again when mint is abundant. Easy and flavorful


Sher, what those tiny pink flowers around Iris? They look lovely! I love flower in the house, but for no reason I develop allergy in these two years *sigh*
Linguine and zucchini are my all-time favorite! Your idea of combining the other ingredients/ herbs is really excellent!


Hi Sher, your photos are stunning!!! I'm sure the pasta tasted wonderful too.

Gorgeous deep blue Iris you have there. Reminds me too that spring is nearly here. :)


What pretty photos. The Iris looks so so lovely. Did you grow them indoors, the ones in the centrepiece ? Did you grow them from bulbs ?


i bet sun dried tomatos and zucchinni are a match made in heavan. i could eat a big plate of this right now for breakfast!! send help...


Gorgeous centerpiece, Sher! It's absolutely beautiful!

And of course, the food looks awesome too! :)

Joy T.

Irises were the flower I had at my wedding a hundred years ago and the same color as these too. I just love them and these little baby ones of yours are too cute! What a great Centerpiece of the Month. I am also printing out this recipe. Yum yum yum!


The flowers AND food are both beautiful!


Those flowers are so pretty. And if you see spring, please send her to cold and snowy upstate NY!

Susan from Food "Blogga"

What a gorgeous post Sher! I love everything about it! And with my grumbling tummy, I am literally going into the kitchen right now to whip up this pasta (minus a couple of ingredients I don't have). So thanks for the inspiration!



Thank you!! Yes, I have yet to find a bad Deborah Madison recipe.


Thank you! You and I both fell out of the pasta habit. :):)
I wonder why?


Thank you! Yes, and since they are so fleeting, it makes the Iris flowers really special, don't you think?


Thank you! We enjoyed this recipe quite a bit. It has a lovely fresh taste.


Thank you! I'm sorry you are having strong winds. We get them in March and I'm not looking forward to them. They often flatten my daffodils as soon as they flower. :(


Thank you! Me organized?? You're the organized one. :):)


I never see marjoram in the store. I planted some in my garden last spring and it's done quite well. So, that worked out for me.


Thank you!


Thank you about the link, I've been meaning to add yours....but I'm so disorganized lately. :)


Thank you! Yes, in our house that is a 2 serving recipe. But, if other people were present, I could stretch it out to 4. :):)


thank you!


I have to admit, I really piled the mint on in that Sicilian Chicken. Like you, I used 2 big bunches of mint! I wish my mint would start growing again! I am making a lot of recipes with it now, and it's getting a little expensive buying it.


Oh no! I'm so sorry you are allergic to flowers in the house. Now...I must admit, I don't know the name of the pretty pink flowers. I bought some long branches with those tiny flowers weeks ago and stuck them in a vase. Then I cut off the tips of those branches and stuck them in around the pot of Irises. :):) Like you, I would like to know the name of those flowers. If I ever find out, I'll let you know!


Thank you! I would love to see what spring looks like where you live. I bet it's beautiful!


Thank you! I must admit, that I bought them already planted in the container. Sometimes I plant lots of bulbs in containers and set them around the house, but I didn't do it this year.


I'll send you the pasta if you send the sweet and sour pork!! :):)


Thank you! You, know--some people eat Irises too. (Not me.) :)

Joy T,

I think irises are perfect because they always symbolize beginnings to me. And they're beautiful too, (which is very important at a wedding).


Thank you!


Ok, I saw spring and told her--but you know how these nature entities are--very head strong and unpredictable. Like teenagers. I tried!


Thank you! I hope the pasta turned out for you. Pasta is so versatile, can't see how I could ever live without it!


For some reason, we have not had pasta this week, either! Nice entry for the new event. And the bit of colour is most welcome!


That pasta looks gorgeous. I just attended a pasta-making workshop and we made tagliatelle; it would be fabulous in this recipe!



That pasta is unbelievable. I'd like to twirl myself in it!!!


Gosh, I don't know which looks yummier- the iris or the pasta! I'm going to be telling my sister about this site- she'll love it too.



Lady, you are fabulous. I used to make this pasta regularly to celebrate spring, until I lost my Greens cookbook in my divorce. Just when I thought I might never have this dish again, I find that you've posted the very recipe I've been looking for - just in time for a spring gathering I'm planning for next week. Yay! You are great. I can't wait to look at the other recipes you've got. Gorgeous irises, too.

Chicken Salad Recipes

That looks absolutely delicious!

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