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February 05, 2007



Ooooo, love those nachos! That is just so perfect. Man, my husband would have loved your dog! I need to make him one of those.


No Sher - you are not being too picky at all... If you have to eat a hot dog, you might as well eat a good one. You are right about the buns though - you cannot find good poppy seed buns outside of Chicago. Brownberry has a poppyseed bun they are marketing as "Chicago style", but it is too mushy as well. I never thought my family would go for a dog with "a garden on it", but its pretty damn delicious.


Sher, no no no, not picky at all! I agree on the natural casing! And how I wish I could taste Rosen's bun!!! The buns sold here remind me of...pads *coughing*. The northern part of NJ Greek style of hotdog is pretty popular (no ketchup :D), sauce is oily and spicy, delish!
Thick tortilla chips and your own bean dip, nothing can beat that!!! Just hope your tummy is fine =)


any dog with two kinds of pickles is my kind of dog... now i can't wait for baseball season!


Yuk....ketchup. On anything

Those nachos look divine! I just love how hearty and delicious they can be!

I need to sample an authentic Chi-dog. They sound great!


I crave that kind of flavorful food and your dishes look ever so wonderful!!!!

I love your pictures, they look very good...


Sher, your reminder of your old post for homemade refried beans comes at a perfect time for me! Between that and your recipe for homemade tortillas, I'm having Mexican this week!


so had a good time yesterday...:)


Your nachos remind me that I used the make them regularly. So funny how some patterns fall out of use. I'll make some this coming weekend for my sis.
And, wow!, that hot dog looks delish!



Yes, Bob was very happy with both the nachos and the dog. He couldn't understand my complaints at all! :):) He was too happy munching on the dog.


That's an excellent way to describe a Chicago hot dog-- a garden on top. When I moved from the South to Illinois, I was shocked to see a hot dog served with all those veggies. Then I fell in love with the idea. Hey, glad you are back posting, by the way!


Oh, you given me the perfect way to describe those awful buns--as a Pad! :):) I will always use that when I talk about them. I should have made my own hot dog buns, of course! I bet you make fabulous buns!


Yes, you would love this. Actually I think it has 3 kinds of pickle: the relish, the sport peppers and the dill spear! It's calling your name!


I tried ketchup on a Chicago Style once to see it it really ruined things--and it did. The taste is too strong and overwhelms the ingredients. Without it, you can taste everything.


Thank you. I love looking at your pictures too--especially the view from your window. You are so lucky to live in such beauty.


Oh boy, can't wait to see how that goes. I have a huge amount of beans left over and that's like gold to me!


Yes, I did--and I hope you did too!! :):)


Yes, nachos are so much fun to eat. And they can be made very fancy or simple. Either way, I think they are good eating.


Sher, your nachos look sooooo delicious. Thank you for including your recipe for refried beans, I'm going to try it and make a hug plate of nachos for a party next weekend.


I would have devoured both those -- the nachos and the dogs -- and then slept all night sitting upright in a chair if need be! Heh. "Tie me on, Cranky, I'm getting drowsy!"
But Sher: I am not seeing the celery salt on the dogs! I can mail you a little packet; we have a whole jar, bought specifically for Chicago dogs, and it will be ages before we make a dent in it. Let me know.



Hey, if you do make the nachos, I hope you post a picture on your blog. If your nachos are as good as your cookies, they will be fabulous. Seriously!


I am so busted! You're right about the celery salt! I didn't have any and that was a grievous error! You are the true Chicago Style Hot Dog expert. I bow to you! How could I have forgotten to buy that?

And I did sleep in a chair because of the GERD! Nice to know others share my exploits in acid reflux.

I'm being good today.


Hi Sherry - Just celery salt & that neon green relish, and it would look like a good Chicago Dog!


Oh, drool! Your photos are total food porn! I get hungry just looking at them. So this is what real hotdogs look like...

I don't want to slag off our hotdogs here but it sure don't look as good as this one on the photo! I may have to move to chicago.


Oh, and those nachos are killing me!


I had to check out your dog after you mentioned it in the Ital. beef comment -- that looks scrumptious! By the way, I love the ones with "natural casings," too. My husband introduced me to those and they are the best. Gawd -- now I have to make some. Your photos of the dog and the nachos are ex-cell-ent.


look at those agorable little peppers! the hotdog looks delish, mmm. nachos too. YUM, now i'm hungry already :)


Those nachos look really good.Thanks for the inspiration.Nachos on the "menu" for this weekend.


That's almost painful to look at, I want to eat that so bad! Beautiful photos.


God the dawg looks so good. I don't think that you're too picky (discerning is a better word) about what is on top. Local foods are so specific... and I'd be that person ordering it with the ketchup!


I'm making burritos for dinner tonight but I have second thoughts after looking at this gem! YUM! I am a huge nacho fan! It looks absolutely gorgeous!

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