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February 18, 2007



Oh, yum! Love Nigella and love her recipes, and your substitution looks divine.


Blueberries and lemon are a favorite combo of mine. It is often very enlightening to revisit a recipe with a variation. I really must try this.


YUM! I bet that will be a hit with your company! It looks delicious!!!


Oh, Sher! That looks amazing. And I was thinking about this very kuchen just the other day!!!

Linda, The Village Vegetable

wow this looks amazing! happy chinese new year to you! my boyfriend and i ordered chinese tonight in honor of the holiday-- lazy I know but at least we had China on the brain ;) -- i love every pastry with blueberries! yum! Nigella is my idol, and so r u!


Looks yummy!


Yummy!!! Sher, I have snacked on blueberries for the whole week. :D I bought some organic blueberries from my local market, they were so cheap. And I just ate all of them *blush*. But I am sure they taste great in this kuchen, too!



Yes, I'm so fond of Nigella. I like her passion, and common sense.


I think that blueberries really comes alive when they're cooked. I love them raw too--but cooked is heaven.


It was a hit. I was so glad that they liked it!


Thank you! I enjoy making this recipe and want to keep trying different fruit combinations.


I love to order Chinese food!! So, good for you! And thank you for your kind words! :):)


It was! :):)


Oh, fresh blueberries are wonderful, aren't they? I love them on cereal too. And they are so good for you!

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, now you're tempting me pretty hard - I have blueberries on my freezer! ;)

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