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February 14, 2007



Just look at this glorious curry soup, my nose starts tickling :D and kudo to your husband's heat tolerance!


I am (somewhat famously) not a cauliflower person, but I'm trying to learn to love it. So I'm thinking I might try this soup but puree it before adding the noodles.


This looks really yummy! I always have a crave for curry noodles but haven't tried the vegetarian version. Sher, you are right about being cautious over curry paste. I just had my Thai Curry Chicken which I grew a bit far on curry paste. Result? Yummy but I nearly cried eating it :D

Amy K

I am so glad to have found this blog via food porn watch - not only are these recipes amazing, but I really enjoy your writing style along with the recipes! :) Happy V Day! Cheers!


As much as I lvoe spicy foods, I've yet to try curry! This looks great.


How I wish I could have seen those flames!!


It sounds great, but yeah, you need to be judicious with that curry paste


Well, FOUR tablespoons of curry paste + THREE jalapenos = FAR TOO HOT!!! I could see using just a couple T's of the paste and maybe one pepper. But this does sound wonderful, especially right now, when it's 9 degrees out and the snow is piled high. A great new way to use cauliflower, which I love.

Happy V-day to you, too!


Snort. Sorry to laugh but in the picture it looks so mild-mannered, not nearly so devilish. But looks can be deceiving! Looks yummy. Glad Bob enjoyed it.


Yes, Yes and Yes!!! I agree with Glenna, this little charmer looks so innocent and not so naughty. Happy Valentines Day


For some reason I don't care too much for curry, I don't know why really. It's weird. Maybe I just need to give it another try! But man, this soup looks good, especially on a day like today (rainy outside).

Happy Valentine's Day to you! :)


i have lint in my bellybutton. shhh, dont tell. i'd love to cook w/ chrystalized ginger too, so cool! this looks awesome though, sans as much spice as it calls for. your not a wimp, curry alone is already very spicy isnt it?

nevermind that, happy valentines day to you and your sweethearts :):)


This looks spectacular! Really beautiful.
And I think I could handle the heat. Sounds divine!


Looks really warm and am sure won't be "hot" for me :)


Hot Stuff!! This looks like my kind of soup.


Oh, Sher! Look at the colours in that soup. It's a work of art!

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

AHah this is funny. It reminds me of the first time I cooked Indian, underestimating the spices too. Now I am ALWAYS careful and when told 2 tsp, always put less! In any case, your soup looks great!



He really loves the hot food. So, he was quite happy with this soup. But, his face did get a little sweaty as he was eatin git! :)


This was a nice way to eat the cauliflower. It didn't taste like it usually does in this soup, maybe because of the coconut milk and other things. You might like it (and it doesn't have to be hot).


Yes, I LOVE curry. Love it. But, I don't like it too hot. But, curry paste and coconut milk is my idea of heaven! :)

Amy K,

I'm so glad you found me! I just looked at your blog and I really like the way you've put it together. And hope you had a great Valentine's Day.


Curry is one of my favorite things to eat. When I was trying to be vegan, a favorite red snapper with green curry kept popping up in my mind and drove me crazy.


Oh, there were flames shooting out of me--that's for sure! :):)


Yes, I should have thought to start out erring on the side of caution. But, I love Mustard Grill recipes, so I trusted the author Cindy Pawlcyn. Oh well, many people like hot curry.


Yes, it does look mild-mannered!!! Well, it wasn't!!! :):) Sneaky curry dish.


Yes, I was lulled by the pretty golden color!!! I learned my lesson. :) Hope you had a happy Valentines Day.


Sometimes we just don't like a taste. I know there are types of food that I don't like, but others do. I used to force myself to eat food I wasn't crazy about, to try and give it a chance. Then I decided, this was about food, not world peace! So, I don't eat what I don't like. :):)


Yes, it was fun to toss a big handful of crystalized ginger into the pot! And fast if you aren't in the mood to pulverize fresh ginger. Yes, curry is spicy. If it's spicy the way I like it--it's great. But, this was too much for me!

Tanna, Sandeepa, and Scott,

Alright! You are all the people that can appreciate this kind of recipe, along with my husband and Aunt. I would mail you some of the leftovers, if I could. :):)


Thank you--I do enjoy looking at the pretty color of this soup.


Yes, I must remember to be careful the next time. When a dish is too hot for a person, we can't really taste it as well as we should.


That looks absolutely marvelous and very comforting!
Happy Valentine's Day to you too...


Hey Sher
Waiting for the left overs to warm up in this snow :)

Susan from Food "Blogga"

What a vibrant photo and delicious recipe!

And bring on the heat! I even love the little tingling sensation I get in my belly after eating hot peppers. ;)


It does like quite innocuous (but tasty, still). You know it's going to be hot though when you have to open the windows when you're cooking it - the chili makes your eyes and nose stream!


Hey Sher,
This soup looks and sounds great! Did you use can curry paste or a Simply Asia one?

Ari (Baking and Books)

Yum, I love the way this looks and sounds!


I love soups and curried cauliflower noodle soup looks delicious and spicy


I LOVE curried cauiflower. That looks absolutly delicious.

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