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February 06, 2007



The muffins are glorious looking. I am so jealous. I was intending to freeze 12 pounds of cranberries but when I went back for them they had no more. I would so love some to make my cranberry coffee cake with.
Sweet little Upsie off in another room and can't even smell the muffins! Poor thing.


Oh, Upsie! That is hilarious. I can just picture the "mysterious" bite marks!

Beautiful bread - you're right, the colors are amazing.


This sums up the fall season in one yummy package!


Actually, cats love pumpkin. Our vet told me to feed some puree (just pumpkin, no spices) once a week to help with hairballs because it's super high in fiber. Kitty absolutely loves it when it's pumpkin time!

The bread looks great, I can't wait to try it out.


Can you blame Upsie? These look too tempting.


These look great. Too bad I didn't get in on the cranberries when there was time. I was one of those that froze a bunch year before last and they didn't end up getting used. This year I'm going to have to get them AND use them.


Oh Sher, your post makes me chuckle!!! Yes, Callipygia's post and her illustration come to my mind in the second I saw your gorgeous muffins!!! That bite mark is probably from me =)


Ha! What they don't know won't hurt them...

I have a bunch of cranberries pack away too that I thought I would do more with. I think I'm going to make some sorbet.


Upsie...that's hilarious. The muffins look fantastic. Very pretty. And I love the part about seeing the spices and leavenings on the cabinet. That is so something I would do. Oh wait. Have done. Remember my flat disc Paula Deen sweet potato biscuits? Yeah, well at least you saw the leavenings and got them added in...


Sher, thanks for thinking of my post- I was indeed feasting on the color of your muffins, beautiful with puckery jewels inside.


The cranberries look like beautiful little hearts in the middle of those pumpkins!!!


Those look healthy and delicious. There are so many combinations you can make with pumpkin that it is amazing! I never thought of this! YUM!


Loved this post Sher! Great muffins. I'll tuck this recipe in my file. Give Upsie a pat from me please.



Thank you! Last year I didn't get cranberries and was very annoyed at how they seem to vanish from the stores after the holidays. Next year I'm going to buy even more to freeze.


Thank you! Poor Upsie is on a diet, so I can understand how she decided to jump up on the counter and have herself some cranberry bread. :):)


Thank you. You're right!


Thank you. They do seem to be attracted to some types of veggies or plants, don't they? And that makes sense about the pumpkin! Thanks for stopping by.


Thank you! Yes, I forgive her for that! I once had a cat jump on top of a pizza--now that was a little hard to forgive!


Thank you. Yes, I've been in exactly the same situation. So,I'm going to make sure I use all of these up!


Thank you! So it was you who made the bite marks!!!! :):)


Oh sorbet would be fabulous!!!! I hope you do that and post about it! That would be lovely to see.


Yeah, but your sweet potato biscuits looked fabulous! I still want them.


Thank you. I love your description--"puckery jewels". Perfect.


Thank you! What a lovely way to think of it! I really like that!


Thank you! Yes,I'm discovering the many ways to use pumpkin. And it's so good for us too.


Thank you! Upsie says hi!


I had no idea cats liked pumpkin bread. that's hilarious!


OMG- these look delicious. And I love pumpkin and cranberries separately. Together, they look divine. And as usual, your food photography is stunning. I'm definitely going to give this recipe a try.


such yummy muffins how i wish i could eat that .
do you bake a lot?

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