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February 27, 2007



I love caraway seeds which go so well with games or dark meat. Now just sitting here and looking your great pic, aleady feel like having an energy boost!


Caraway and cabbage is a great combination. I have all of the ingredients for this soup, including some homemade stock, so I'll be making this soup tonight! Thanks for the recipe.


You know, I seem to look at your blog every morning for breakfast...which would explain all these weird morning cravings...looks delicious!


I made soup yesterday with cabbage in it..and a host of other veggies. Hear hear for soup month!

I also combed my cats and put the leftover hair onto my bushes..for the birds. I had never thought of doing that before. :)


The soup seems to be tasty as well as healthy Sher, should try this

When you get time could you please post a pic of Caraway seeds . We do use Caraway seeds in Indian Cooking but you say you chopped it, that leaves me wondering because the ones I use are tiny seeds and can no way be chopped


That looks so nourishing and tasty!

Susan from Food "Blogga"

Thank you Sher! I bought a gargantuan head of cabbage last week. Seriously. I've used 3 times and still have more. Now, you've given me the perfect way to use it up. Hope you don't mind if I make it vegetarian for me. ;) I can't resist the flavors of cloves and caraway! What a delicious, savory soup.


Sounds warm and tasty. Today is the first day in weeks I haven't felt like I needed soup because the temperature is actually above 30 degrees. But I'm saving this recipe for sure.


It does sound wonderful. I was always curious about that cookbook.


This combo sounds so good. Now, I am saving it to make when winter comes here! :D


Wow pheasant- now that is probably the one ingredient I can find here. You know the wild turkeys congregate under people's bird feeders! Anyways I like the combo of the thyme, cloves and caraway. V interesting!



I love caraway seeds too. They're supposed to be good for settling a person's upset stomach too. All I know is that they taste so good.


Oh, I hope you enjoy it! You've got everything there to make it!


Weird cravings?? Expand on this please. And don't reply with "W e i r d C r a v i n g s."


Hey, the birds will be so happy with their soft, fluffy lining to their nest! :):) Cabbage tastes so good in soup, doesn't it?


I used the last of the caraway seeds, but have ordered more from Penzeys. I think they are regular caraways seeds--and they aren't big. For the recipe they are just kind of broken a little by my chef's knife. I put them onto a cutting board that has an indention in it and I hack at the seeds. Some of them fly onto the floor, but I manage to cut (break really) some of them. It makes the flavor of the seeds come out. Sometimes, I just slam a mortar on them. :):)


Thank you--it was!


Well, that huge head of cabbage means that you were destined to make this soup! :):) And vegetarian would be great too!


I hope the weather stays nice for you. It feels cold to me here, but I used to live in Illinois, where it was much colder than here. I guess I've lost my ability to tolerate any cold weather!


It's a pretty good cookbook. It has some unusual chowders in it, that I want to try sometime.


Ahh, you are enjoying a wonderful summer! Your recipes make me long for warm weather here.


We have lots of wild turkeys here too. They are so much better looking than the big bloated commercial birds. And they can actually fly!


mmm yum, that looks like just about what i need. it has been so dreary lately, harumph. its supposed to hit 76 here today, hopefully u guys will get some of that!


Hi Sher, thanks so much for the Soup's On entry! I love how so many of our soups are bits of this and drabs of that ... and always delicious. This one sounds great, the sweetness of the cabbage would really come out.

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