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February 13, 2007



In the first glance, I said, omg, did Sher just win the lottery? Pouring the caviar like nothing! Whao, Puy lentils! And that wine stock!!!!! I can imagine how sophisticated the taste is... maybe a bit challenging to the lil' palate like Sandeepa's daughter? But interesting, my mother-in-law told me the only desert she had when she's a little girl (4 or 5 yr-old), dipping apple into red wine. I guess it's a very Italian thing...
Btw, Sher, this set of photos is so beautiful!!!


"Caviar for the poor" -- never heard that! Lentils, tomato and red wine sounds like a wonderful combination. I've always got forgotten items in my pantry, and it's fun every now and then to make a meal entirely out of pantry items. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


"Caviar for the poor" -- never heard that! Lentils, tomato and red wine sounds like a wonderful combination. I've always got forgotten items in my pantry, and it's fun every now and then to make a meal entirely out of pantry items. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


That's a wonderful dish Sher! I have a TON of lentils lurking in the back of my pantry, all different sorts. I buy them because I think they're cute, and then never cook them because I don't know what to do with them... This is a good one to keep at the back of my mind then. Thanks!

Patricia Scarpin


I've never heard of "caviar for the poor" - so interesting!

Your lentils with that delicious piece of bread looks wonderful!


Boy, I love lentils and that dish look delicious!!!

By the way I have tagged you with a meme (see my blog) if you are interested...




That really has the look of decadence about it! Perfect for this chilly weather.


This is the perfect way to use up the bag of Puy lentils languishing in my cupboard!


Another good dish for cold weather.

I never seem to make it through all of my pantry staples ever but that's the point, isn't it? To have something in the house "just in case." At least that's what I tell myself.


I've always loved lentils but when I discovered le Puy lentils, I felt I'd gone over the top. They are wonderful.
This is an excellent recipe. D Madison is a marvel isn't she!
Beautiful photo.


I've never heard of "caviar for the poor" before. Very cool. I always learn something interesting when I read your blog. And that bread looks so yummy. :)


I am slowly starting to integrate more legumes into our diets. It's slow going for the G-man because....well, he's 12 and that's all there is to that.

Mike and I would eat them all the time if allowed.

Twisted Cinderella

It looks delicious. I am really loving adding a larger variety of legumes to my diet!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Wine gives such a wonderful flavor~ I don't know of another substitute.
Love this!


Gosh I love how the color really pops with that much wine. Thanks, I love these lentils too and often make a delicious salad but I never would have thought to cook them in wine. Now we need a dish with monkfish (poor man's lobster) and lentils du Puy...

Gluten-Free By The Bay

This looks great! I love puy lentils. I only recently discovered them. Here is one of my favorite puy lentil recipes:

Puy Lentil Salad with Feta



Thank You! Oh, I wish I would win the lottery--then I would buy some fabulous caviar and make my favorite dish, Oysters With Pearls!! Until then, I will just have to settle for these lovely lentils!


Thank you! Yes, I like to make a dish now and then with the poor overlooked items in the pantry. They must feel so ignored! :):)


Thank you! Yes, I'm with you on this. I buy lentils and split peas and then I realize I better use them! But, seriously--we're prepared for some kind of disaster and can live of of them, right? Better stock pile some cheese for The Boy. :)


Thank you! I had never heard of it either, but it fits, I think. And a lot cheaper than the real thing. :)


Thank you! Oh boy! I love memes. I'll go right over there pronto!! :):)


Thank you! Yes, it really is great for this type of weather. And it's very filling and makes you feel like you've done good things for yourself!


We should never let our poor Puy lentils lanquish! It shows a lack of respect, don't you think???? :):)


Yes, I agree with you. We should have a good supply of staples, just in case. And it's good to have them there, just for those occasions when we don't want to go to the store! :)


Thank you! Yes, they are very different in texture and taste. And yes--D. Madison is fabulous!


Thank you! I had never heard that term either, but now i will always think of that when I see Puy lentils!


Yes, It's hard sometimes to get kids to eat something like lentils. I don't think I would have liked them then. :):)

Twisted Cinderella,

Thanks! Your body will thank you for that, I think! :):)


Thanks! Yes, the wine did make a difference in color. And it made them taste really good.


Thanks! Ahh--monkfish! I love it, but I rarely see it here. Too bad because it is very nice to eat.

Gluten-Free by the Bay,

Thanks! Thank you for that recipe. I love feta cheese and it would be very good with the lentils! :)

Gale Read

I, too, am stocking my pantry in case of bird flu or other epidemic. Half seriously, half just because I like a full pantry. I showed your post to my DH (who thinks I'm nuts) to show him that there are others. I felt vindicated. Thanks.



And this is the evidence:

"Arme" means poor men and women and not arms, as the google translation says.


God, another fabulous recipe to tag. I feel like I've hit the jackpot today. And the photo is so gorgeous.

I'm crazy about lentils -- I must try to find these Puy ones everyone raves about.


Beautiful pic, Sher. You make the humble lentil look very sophisticated. Love the recipe too. I'm going to have to try this one.


speaking as a lentally challenged adult female...this looks amazing! love the use of the bread and red wine. YUM!

i always ruin lentils. always.

Andrew Galarneau

Lovely! What kind of wine did you use, specifically?

Dog In The Car

What a delicious sounding recipe! I'm printing this and going to add it to my fridge with a magnet for trying! Thanks again ...

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