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February 21, 2007



One of my favorite combinations is mint and lemon (think summer lemonade, with fresh sprigs of mint!), so this chicken will be a must-try for me, too. Thanks for the recipe.


This certainly looks like a refreshing dish, with the wonderful combo of mint and lemon. Certainly finger-licking good :p


Nice entry sher, I get the fragrant smell of mint & lemon, ahhhhhh
Also loved that MeMe. I want to see you in Spring when you get that bag of Cheetos :)


Sher, still cookin'


Sher, still cookin'


Yummy! I always love the combination of chicken and lemon. Now adding mint, I am sure the dish will have an extra flavour!


Again with the mint!

I totally overlooked this dish when I read through that list. Good thing there are people like you to point out the good stuff. If I had to depend on myself I wouldn't eat half as well.

BTW, you cooked up quite the feast for your cousin. This, the potatoes, the cake -- yum! I also like the fact that so much of the menu is do ahead.

And thanks for the link!


Thank you Sher for this dish and the referral to The best dishes... I never would have thought that putting that much mint would work. I'm excited to try this it looks so flavorful and when one sees it touted as one of the best in 10 years too!


I've been looking for alternative ways of cooking chicken and this seems to fit the bill! Thanks Sher for the recipe. Btw, your dishes and photos make we want to cook more often, hahaha. Seriously.



Yes, lemonade with mint is so refreshing. We drank a lot of that when I was growing up in the South.


It's really finger licking good the day after as leftovers, when it's spent time in the fridge.


I'm looking forward to that bag of Cheetos too! But, it has to be the perfect moment to eat them. I'll have to give careful consideration to it!


Hi there! Good to hear from you again!


Yes, the mint and garlic add a flavor that's amazing. It's now one of my favorite combinations! Hope you try it sometime.


I'm so glad you did that post, because this will be one of my favorite recipes. And this was the most relaxed meal I've ever made for guests, because so much of it was simple to make and could be done ahead, or most of it, that is. Thanks again.


Yes, I was rather amazed at all the mint myself. And it really was fabulous. I was very happy with it.


Thank you! I think this dish will intrigue people, and when they make it, they will be quite surprised at how good it is.


I love the sound of the combo of the lemon and mint and then that with the parmesan potatoes...and chocolate cake. GREAT menu!


Delicious, I love mint with chicken!


Okay, so I've tried mint with fish before, but I've never thought to use it with chicken... god I bet this is good! Thanks Sher!


My goodness this really looks awesome and I really have to try this one. Mint and garlic would just have to be close to perfect I'd guess.
Fabulous photos! I am drooling.


I had to come back just to look at that photo again. It's so pretty!


Oh, Sher!

You make me want to fly to Sicily!


This looks fabulous Sher! It's going into my recipe box. Hope your eye is better now!


Sher, I know when you said it's good, it must be good!!! Thanks for your assurance, I'll go buy a big handful of mints without any hesitation :D


This one I'm gonna have to try.


I am absolutely a mint lover, and this looks really fabulous! I can't wait to try it myself. Thanks for participating in WHB!


Sher, what a great recipe! This is one for the books. Thanks!


Sounds wonderful. I do wish it was warmer so the mint was coming back here.


I love mint of different scents, and lemon too. So this recipe is a hit and a have to try for me. Thanks! :))


Sher, I already made the chicken from your chicken, delicious!!! The sauce is splendid!
I'm sure I gonna make it regularly in summer (free mints :) :)


Yikes, this does sound amazing! I must try it. Thanks!

Will Nicholls

Easily my favourite chix dish.
My tip: Prepare mash potatoes with butter and milk and individually portion in cling film and refrigerate.Follow recipe as above so all is prepared, sauce in fridge, cooked chicken in fridge, veg cooked el dente- in fridge.When your guests arrive, (or perhaps you offer family meals on wheels like I do)
Microwave the mash in the cling film and place in middle of heated plates.Ping the Chicken, the veg and the sauce.Place the chicken on the mash, 2 veg on the plate leaving enough room for the sauce on the side, almonds over the top with mint sprig on the side of the mash -done. The secret with this style of preparation is that all is done in advance, the microwave heats your food and the presentation is nothing short of stunning and you are not slaving over the pots when you should be sat with your guests sipping wine!

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