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February 23, 2007



You must be getting your super powers of resistance from an incredible salad.
This is an absolute favorite of mine - totally fantastic flavors.
Great photo!


I'll go crazy for candied walnuts, yes, just like chips, once start can't stop!
Pairing cheese and fruit always sounds very sophistcated to me, and they taste great indeed!


I love blue cheese, walnut and pear salad so very much.


Ooooh, I could skip the salad and go straight for those luscious berries!

Glenna Muse

Yum! I love bleu cheese and pears. That's a classic combo for a reason--it tastes so d*** good!

Patricia Scarpin


I love, love, love all the ingredients of this salad!

Oh, and I didn't make your delicious potato recipe because my sister-in-law had her baby on that day - I didn't even make lunch, we ate something on the go.

They'll be part of my special Sunday lunch!

Linda, The Village Vegetable

I love arugula, more than anything probably. Any dark leafy green with that much flavor rates highly in my book. This salad looks absolutely delightful. I love the photo too! Thanks for sharing. I've never experienced this particular cheese --- I can guarantee you I will be the end of the weekend!


I know its true, a salad like this is hard to pass up and really an excuse to have at it with the candied walnuts and blue cheese. But with all this talk about cheetos I'm sure that alot of us readers are going to start tossing a bag or two into our grocery carts!


this post reminds me how much i'm craving a good salad. i have not been eating me greens!! this looks delish, wish i had one right now at my desk!!


As much as I love rocket, I don't know that it could sway me long from my junkie-food urges! More power to you!


Good for you for resisting the Cheetos urge! Those berries look so much better anyway. And your salad ... delicious!

bea at La tartine gourmande

Love this salad. So fresh! Reminds me a lot of a salad I make myself! Funny!

Ari (Baking and Books)

This salad looks absolutely fabulous. I had one like this about a year ago and loved the combination of pears, walnuts and cheese. I'm going to add your version to the menu for next week. Thanks!


I love your salad! I love making salad combos like this for guests. Fresh and healthy. Addicting photos.


So pretty. I made arugula salad this week and could not get a good photo of it to save my life. (Tried four different times, and they were all a little fuzzy. It's a little disconcerting coming face to face with how little I actually know about phtography!)

BTW, in my previous life I was a huge Cheetos junkie.


Good for you, resisting the siren call of the Cheetoes!

I've been obsessed with pears lately and keep meaning to throw them in a salad. This looks pretty perfect!


mmmmmm - looks yummy! (Sher, quit talking about Cheetos. You are responsible, now, for the massive craving I have for them. And there aren't any at the store here!!)


One of my all time favorite salads Sher!! And you make it look so very beautiful!
Should we form a Cheetos-cravings support group? :))


The candied walnuts are inspired and they go so perfectly with pears! It looks delicious and summery! Now we just need the sun!

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