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January 10, 2007




Your post comes when I am out idea with chickpeas!!! I have never tried the combination of fish and chickpea, will have a go soon! :) It is good that Nigella's savoury recipes work for you. From my experience, her dishes sometimes are a bit bland.


That is absolutely beautiful. Really inviting!


wow! I've got to show the boyfriend this one. He's the soupmaster around these parts and I bet he'd bash this one outta tha park! I'm so hungry now... even fish doesn't sound like an unreasonable breakfast now ;-)


That looks like a very filling meal. I could see my wife diggin' this!


You're posting the delicious recipes faster than I can make 'em! This one is perfect since I finally reverted back to pescatarianism. Tonight: the bok choy with peanuts!



I have developed a real craving for fish and chick-peas. I hope you will enjoy them as much as me, if you try them! This soup is one of my favorites.


Thanks--and it's very low in calories. Perfect for me in my "motivated period"!


I would so love this for breakfast right now. I love soup in the morning. But, Bob ate all of it last night!


It is filling, especially with crusty bread.


I could give up meat, but I had dreams about fish when I tried to go vegetarian. Hope you like the bok choy. I had some of it left over and used it to make fried rice a few days later. It was great.


omg sher, these pics are beautiful! mouthwatering! what a wonderful use for your fish stock. WOW and yum. upsie and the SDK must have been going crazy with the aromas, heehee


This is certainly a recipe for my files Sher. It has everything I could possible want in a soup!


The photos are fabulous! Did you get a macro lens too? I love the sound of this.

Butta Buns

Wow, what a creative soup! I absolutely love all the ingredients, especially the whole almonds. And it looks so healthy too.

I hear you about the parsley, I've halted many a dinner production to go traipsing uphill to the nearest store for a bunch. I've tried like mad to grow it in a window box but it always dies within a month.


your camera and your magic hands make such beautiful photos! The definition and clarity are superb!
I don't eat peas/beans, but now try to eat more. Like you, I grew up eating a lot of seafood too. However living in the area I'm deprived, so even just see Nemo I'll drool...


Sher it looks great and I can't wait to try it.

I got your link and thanks.


Sher, this soup is so sunny and vibrant looking for the weather. What a great combination especially with your homemade stock.


I wish I could like fish...I really do. It's so much more healthy for you than other types of meat. At least I love white meat off the chicken!


That looks so beautiful. The vibrant colors. What a great photo. And the recipe doesn't sound half bad, either!


The soup looks delicious... can you pass a bowl please? Lovely photo.

Julie Tilsner

Oh. My. God. This soup looks amazing. Cod, tomatoes and chick peas? I love this kinda thing. The flamenco guitarist boyfriend is gonna thank you.....I might make this tonight!


I'm feeling fluish and crummy and this looks like just the cure I need.

Thanks for sharing the recipe AND the gorgeous photos.


That looks absolutely wonderful! I love tomato with fish...and chickpeas


I used to live in Spain, and what this soup is missing is a healthy dose of paprika. It's not spicy, just gives it tons of flavor. We used to eat it Vegan style with no fish, but I admit that the cod-fish addition is an excellent idea, reminds me of Portuguese stew. Yum!

Andrea Shuman

Super tasty. I used the Green Chickpeas I grew in my garden, which was extra delicious and added dry roasted cumin seed powder and chili flakes, because I am a spice lover, and it was mui fantastic! What a great core recipe! I had it with a spanish wine (monesterio) and it was perfect. Thanks for the great idea!

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