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January 12, 2007



Such restraint you show Upsie sitting so close to that Ahi!

Chris Dolley

Here's my WCB submission:

Helping out around the house: A Kitten's Guide




I have two cat mint leaves survivor here, can I trade it for your premium tuna sashimi, hehee.


Sweet! I will have to get the brood in on this special occasion.

Butta Buns

I admire your restraint Upsie for patiently sitting near the tuna plate and not trying to sneak tuna bits like most other cats would. You've got class!

And the tuna morsels look wonderful, the kind that melt in one's mouth like butta.


dear upsie,

your mama's a genius! what a clever and tasty invitation for WCB.

she must be a real cat whisperer -- or would that be a "cat purrer"?

yum, save some for me...after my next nap, of course.

your furry friend

ps: you look great!


Upsie, you're too much! So regal, dahling!


Mmmm, tuna! Sam has some fresh pineapple to add to the WCB buffet table. He's waiting at:


Thanks for hosting!


I love reading your WC blogs and the narratives! Cracks me up every week. It's like your cat is that fiesty old grandma (it's a girl, right?) that tells it just like it is!

Joy T.

I don't own a cat, but those treats and all the fun you seem to have makes me jealous I'm not a part of it. Maybe I'll run out and borrow a cat :o)


upsie that tuna looks gorgeous, such the little hostess!


If anyone is up to the challenge of hosting WCB, you are Upsie. And you shall reign supreme as always. I vote for letting you eat the entire plate!

Sanjee and Robyn

Fresh tuna! YUMMMMMMMMMM You's the best Upsie! We gotsa a post at HotMBC and we just putted a notice bout it up at the Cat Blogosphere http://www.blog.catblogosphere.com too. :) Fanks for hostin!
Sanjee and Robyn


Cher, your cat is so lucky to have a generous mama like you! :P I love the third picture. So cute! :D


Cher, your cat is so lucky to have a generous mama like you! :P I love the third picture. So cute! :D


Hi Sherry - Looks like Upsie's been eating better than I have recently!


Thanks for hosting this week's WCB, Sher!!!

Upsie, you are a real princess! Your mom feeds you on ahi tuna, wow you are a lucky kitty!!!

My cats would never eat such food (real and fresh), although I'd love to give them something else than the usual bought tins...

If you want to see our King Fridolin and learn about the fuss he makes when Maruschka sits on his place, then here's my permalink:



On my blog, I'm hosting an auction of my fame-us sissy pink bathrobe. All proseeds go to Brandi's mom, whooze unemploymint is ending this munth. Auction ends Monday.


Hiya! Such a lovely platter of tuna and lucky Upsie.

Thanks so much for hosting WCB and belated Happy New Year. Here's my feline action shot:



Come and see Bustopher's best spots!


The tuna looks delicious, Upsie! (And Upsie looks pretty delicious herself, Sher!)

For WCB, Molly and Tobias meet Basil the rat:


Whether the kitten kisses the bird, or the bird kisses the kitten, it's going to be bad for the bird.



Cleo graciously accepts Upsie's kind invitation to dine and partake in a little light chitchat. Here is my contribution to this week's festivities! (I'm not known for being one to miss an opportunity to socialize and dine elegantly at the same time, so be sure to save some for me!) Regards from Cleo. http://tigakatcleo.com/2007/01/13/wcb-84-if-i-help-with-the-catering-do-i-have-to-do-the-washing-up-too/


Darling! You look marvelous! Thank you for the tuna treats! My humans rarely cater fresh tuna for me. I will need to talk to them about that. Come visit my WCB, and see my new plate that I can serve treats on!


Please add me to WCB. Usually it's my cat's who get on, but this time, (thanks to them) it's me!

So here's Rascal, starring in "Better Than Catnip?"


Hmmm. I figured I'd catch my mom over here. If you visit her "Better Than Catnip" then you'd better visit my response....


Thank you.


Thanks for hosting this week. Here's another one for you:



It's party time at both blogs! Here's mine, Upsie!

kross-eyed kitty

That tuna looks succulent! (Can tuna look succulent?!) Yummmm...I might have to steal that away from Upsie!
Thanks for hosting this week, it's a great party, and has pooped out Mr. Mao and Madame Dutchie.

Amar and Luna

Mmmmm, that tuna is looking really good. We love sush!
Thanks for hosting this weekend. Our entry is at:


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