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January 06, 2007



Now that is one mighty tongue! I can see why the wind wouldln't be so good.

And those sound like some very fine resolutions!


Ahhh, that tongue! Upsie, you've just made my day. If I ever need cheering up, I'll be looking for this entry.


Oh my, that is too funny! What a tongue! I think my cats can sympathize with Upsie on the wind deal....they get that blast of wind in their faces and recoil in horror. I think they don't like getting their whiskers blown around!


You go, Upsie! You rule and that kitten chow should be YOURS!

jeter harris

yer tongue iz fittin nicelee in yer noze!
i am laffin!
doze were sum grate pikshurz.
it iz verree warm heer ... mi dad sez "It's like May!"


hahahah, me gigglin'. you so funny upsie. we have also been assaulted by wind knocking out my internet and forcing me to go into the office on a saturday. the horror.

heehee, nononono to sand up the nose, pffft.

Joy T.

Wow that is one long tongue Upsie. Better watch the wind doesn't scoop it up like a kite and fly away with it :o)


You are too cute, Upsie. I love your funny face expression on the first picture and your immense tongue makes me giggle!!!


You are too cute, Upsie. I love your funny face expression on the first picture and your immense tongue makes me giggle!!!


Well Upsie, you need to get mom to buy you a hat to cover your ears too.

And that tounge is beyond description.


Upsie: the Gene Simmons of felinedom!

kross-eyed kitty

That is the longest pussy-cat tongue I have EVER seen!


You're the lickiest cat Upsie! Good resolutions, too!

Hey Sher - what's up with WCB?


It was windy up here this weekend too Upsie! Hope you stayed warm. I cracked up at the pictures! :)

Sanjee and Robyn

Hi guys!
With Sarah busy taking care of life stuff, we decided to help out by keeping the WCB schedule on the new Cat Blogosphere blog http://www.blog.catblogosphere.com until Sarah (or someone else) wants to do it. Sher has volunteered to do WCB on January 13-14, which is super! If anyone else wants to volunteer for a date, check the schedule on the sidebar of the new Cat Blogosphere blog. We'll keep it going. Thanks Sher!
Sanjee and Robyn


why, upsie,

what a long tongue you've got!

mwah hah hah!


You should be mighty proud of that tongue, Upsie! It's the longest one I've ever seen!


Upsie, the tongue is impressive! You are just adorable.

Sher, I will hopefully have a submission for the next WCB. I am still recovering from my hectic trip to India but I think the cats will be happy to pose for a few photos.


Upsie, that is an amazing tongue, I think you belong in the World Records Book!


Heavens! Tongue times three. I like Upsie's resolutions. They remind me of the one that I made one year: "Have more fun," it was.

Bonnie from Virginia

Good luck with your New Year's resolutions, Upsie.


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