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January 26, 2007



They're absolutely fabulous! I love the look, the idea, and the recipes. Yum!


Wow does that look great...I would like 3 please ;)


Sher, these look absolutely fabulous. I want one right now with my coffee...


Sher that is a beautiful story of a wonderfully loving mother and daughter! The cayenne pepper and the chuck of chocolate are both over the top inspired! Wonderful.


Not fair! I haven't had breakfast yet.


Banana - healthy. Nut and peanut butter - protein. Again, healthy. Cayenne pepper to give a kick start to the day. I personally don't see why this can't BE breakfast! Thanks for the food tips, and "food for thought" memories. I LOVE that you used your mom's same bowl and an ancient muffin pan. Lovin' from the oven, all right!!! :D


The cupcakes look absolutely fabulous and I liked your writing so much...
I have a lil' one at home and I am going to make her one, power of the cup cake


oh, sher,

your story and recipe are perfect, because you created them with a pinch of your heart.



Your muffins are looking divine and peanut butter frosting, never thought of it. And Cayenne Pepper...thats interesting!

Happy Republic day.


Sher, I'm totally in love with your special ingredients that represent the hunk and the burning love! And your write-up is absolutely beautiful! Somehow it brought me back a bit of memory of my childhood :D
Btw, just because I saw Elvis, almost thought your cupcakes being deep-fried ;p But I see yours really delicious, can't take my eyes off from that frosting swirls!


Hunk O'Burnin love indeed. These are worthy of the King himself. Sher these are awesome!


Oh Sher! I'm leaving to go the store after posting this because I NEED to have one of these tonight. Thank you for sharing, I can't wait to taste them.


That was a lovely story about your memories of your Mother and baking something you enjoyed. The cup
cakes look delicious, too bad we are so far apart.
Love, Bunty


I loved your story and those cupcakes look wonderful!
You mother maybe didn't have much money to spend, but she had a lot of love to give...


What a beautiful story...we've been there as well, and there are always the little things our parents do for us that we will never forget. (((HUGS))) to you all!!! (Make me teary, why don't ya?? hehehe)

This looks delish! :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

Not only do these look awesome but what a fantastic name! Hunk of Burning Love cupcakes!

Gotta love that.


Wow, those cupcakes look great! I think these will have to be made next time I have some overripe bananas.


This sounds really good!!! I can make more things with banana now since the price in Aus has dropped. :D


Sher, a lovely memory of your childhood, thanks for sharing with us. Don't mind sharing the cupcakes too? :p


Sher the cupcakes are wonderful, and I thought of Aunt Laura as my mouth wrapped around the first bite.................thanks for bringing her back.......



Thank you! Coming from you--a professional cake artist, that's high praise.


Thank you! OK, I'll make another batch and set 3 aside for you!


Thank you! They do go very nicely with coffee. :)


Thank you! I think my mom would have liked this. And hopefully--Elvis would too!


Thank you! Oh dear, I hope you had something really good for breakfast? :)


Thank you! Yes, it was lovin' from the oven. OK, Cupcakes For Breakfast, that's our motto!


Thank you! Happy Republic Day! I hope you and your family had a great day. I'm sure you did.


Thank you! I like that part about a pinch of my heart. :):) That's worth remembering.


Thank you! Happy Republic Day to you too! And congratulations on doing so well with your beautiful bell pepper rings--I want to make those.


Thank you! I'm laughing because you are so right about the deep frying. I think Elvis would have asked for them to be dipped in batter and fried!


Thank you! When you use Elvis for inspiration, you can let your imagination run wild!


Thank you indeed. I hope you made them and enjoyed eating them. You are really talented at baking!


Thank you! Well, when you come I will make you whatever you like!


Thank you! Yes, I really appreciate now what she did for us. When I was a kid, I didn't really see it clearly......


Thank you! I got a little teary writing it! And what would people say seeing a grown woman eating a cupcake and starting to tear up thinking about peanut butter frosting? :)


Thank you! I'm glad you liked the name of it. Once that popped into my mind--there was no turning back! :):)


Thank you! Yes, one of the great things about bananas is how they get better as they age. Can't say that about a lot of things!


Thank you! Oh good, glad the bananas are more reasonable. We have certain times of the year when some fruits are more pricey. They just lowered the price on blueberries here.


Thank you! I sure wish I could send a cupcake to everyone. They need to work on that technology--so that I could do it by computer. :):)


This is the perfect example of food as love. And the cupcakes ain't bad neither.


I noticed these on the roundup and knew I needed to find the recipe. They look incredible!


I'm inspired by your use of cayenne pepper with chocolate and banana is my favourite fruit! Just one question, does the hunk of chocolate sink to the bottom of the cupcake when baked?


Oh MY. I love Elvis. I love peanut butter and I love cupcakes. I am one excited girl. Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

Swarovski beads

Great recipe not too sure about the cayenne pepper though. Suspect that its not just the love that will be burning after a few of these cakes!! Having said that I'm definitely going to give it a try. They look too good not to. Thanks for sharing.

sherman jones

oh sher, sher u can.


I made these and though I forgot to try the dark chocolate in the middle and didn't use the pinch of cayenne pepper because we didn't have any around, they were still delicious. An odd combination at first but it all came together. My friends really liked them as well.


Hi! I really liked your site!
Keep this great work up!


I made them and it was a HUGE hit.. thanks for sharing this awesome recipe with us.. I absolutly love them.. in fact I'm making them again this weekend.. this is a winner combo.. Salut!
The first time they didnt last through the night.. there where a few chocolate/PB/banana lovers.. but if possible.. how long could these lil' fellas go?

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