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January 29, 2007



Sher. Your Enchilada Stacks are so yummy! Forget the height or stacking prob, as long as they taste good! And I am sure yours are tasty!


Well, I see right away what the problem here is with your stacks girl.
There isn't one on my plate!
The look beautiful. I know they must have tasted great!


The only problem with your Enchilada Stack is that it's not on my plate! such beautiful pictures, it's the perfect model. i can just see upsies peering at you while you battled the bushes, figures ;)


Just remember, size DOESN'T count! They look wonderful.


I was going to say that the problem with your enchilada stack is that it's not at my house where I can eat it, but I see from the other comments that that's not an original thought so I'm not going to say it. Instead I'll simply say, that looks like a delicious meal and just the thing to restore your strength after doing hand-to-hand combat (thorn to crotch combat?) with a rose bush.

kross-eyed kitty

They look extremely tasty! And colourful! You'll definitely win points for that.

Butta Buns

Height or not, I bet they made up for the War of the Roses. They look delicious!


It is 8:30am and you have made me crave enchilada stacks. AT 8:30 IN THE MORNING! I am now impatiently counting down the hours until I can get home and make these myself. Ten, ten hours. . . sigh.


Regardless of the slump it still looks so good right now


Wowwwww looks good sher, it's good the way it looks stack or no-stack
Don't you have to prune the bushes by end of fall ? We do it by end of Nov, else it gets real cold.
Liked your meme too


Wow, these look fabulous sher! I would eat them stack or no stack....



Thank you, they were tasty. I just wondered why I see pictures of other people doing a stack and theirs look much prettier. But, ultimately taste is what counts? :) Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Than you! If I could, I would magically "think" one onto your plate!


Thank you! Oh yes, Upsie seemed to get a lot of pleasure watching me stumble around trying to get those branches off myself!!!!


Thank you! LOL!!! I forgot about that--size doesn't count, especially with enchilada stacks. :)


Than you! Well, the stacks gave me something else to think about besides my ripped shirt (I lose a lot of shirts to those roses bushes) and scratched hands and arms. :)

Kross-eyed kitty,

Thank you! I hope I get a few points--maybe for cilantro garnish? :)

Butta Buns,

Thank you! Yes, they were very comforting--and that's always a good thing.


Thank you! I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. I think some people just layer them in a casserole like lasagna. That probably works out pretty good.


Thanks! I think they are really good for people going to school. :):):)


Thank you! Out here in California, they always tell you to do it in January. It's the same situation for pruning other things. So, time is running out for me. I still have some crazy climbing roses to prune this week. Ugh! They look mean.


Thank you! I like cooking because we can always eat our mistakes! :):)

Linda, The Village Vegetable

I don't think these colors could get any brighter. What a perfectly beautiful recipe. Thanks for sharing AND i love the step by step photos -- I know it will come in handy for me. I'm making this tomorrow!


The only problem I see with your stack is that it isn't on a plate in front of me for dinner. Looks amazing!!


It looks great to me! Oh yum!!! Here's another recipe I'm bookmarking! :) Thank you!


I need to get over being sick so I can utilize the big bag of blue corn tortillas in the fridge, the salsa verde and the pork carnitas into something like your enchilada stack.

Looks great!


The problem with your enchilada stack is that I'm going to come over and eat them all!!!



What a bad idea to come to your blog at this hour of night, when i'm hungry!
Those pictures are delicious and so alive.


Problem? I don't see a problem! (We had tacos tonight so I'm a little over corn tortillas right now....) My only suggestion for keeping them taller is fill them more -- but I still think they'd fall with the heat. Yum any way you look at it though!


The problem with your enchilada stacks is that they're not at MY house! Why didn't I demand that you make these for me when I was at your house last fall? :-)


Your tortilla stacks look wonderful! Doesn't matter that they're short stacks (which is a nickname my sister gave me, by the way - shortstack).
I love the way you described your rose bramble dilemma. Berry canes are notorious for that. I've learned to hold very still and ease them out the way they went in. Thanks for thinking of me Sher!


I agree with everyone, your encilada stacks are heavenly! But I want to know too, how could those on food mag stand so tall, esp after baking some ingredients must strink...


I make enchiladas just so I can eat avocados:). They look heavenly!



I think your stacks look great, and what's most important is their mm mmm mmmm good taste! You gave me some inspiration for last night's dinner:


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