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January 28, 2007



The Velveteen Rabbit!! Oh that book made me cry too! I did this meme but apparently forgot (or blanked out) the Cry category.



Good choices, I had fun reading reading your list. I want to visit Yosemite too, I've heard so much about it.


Loved the line about people around you wishing you would learn patience. That was hilarious.


I'll go a step further and say politics in general scare me nowadays. I used to be big into politics in 2004, but I have been so apathetic towards it (but I still vote!!!) as of late.

I have GERD too...and I miss my pineapple juice. Water here too. *Sigh*.

Thanks for posting this, it's great to get to know you better! :)


I used to love horse books when I was a kid too and I think I read every horse book Marguerite Henry ever wrote. Although in truth I preferred books about horses and ponies to actual horses and ponies.

And I love your movie choices!


for your tuna:

dried cranberries
red onion, chopped
red apple, chopped with skin

stir into your tuna/mayo...a little pepper.

voila! 3-reds tuna salad.

trust me, you may never eat tuna any other way after trying this.


Pokey Little Puppy makes me think of my grandmother. This was one of teh Golden Books that she had on her closet shelf. I would ALWAYS read this book when I went over there. Anyway, the book became quite "loved" and some of the pages were missing. My mom found it and got it for me last year for Christmas...kind of different gift for a 22 year-old but I loved it! This year she bought Corderoy for me...gotta love children's books!


Oh, my I had to read both the Pokey Little Puppy and the Velveteen Rabbit so many times to our two boys I learned both by heart. I know how your mother wanted to throw it out but now I'm glad I didn't.


I loved Black Beauty, too! Although I actually wanted to be a wild brumby in Australia, lol.

Sucks about the gerd, I would go bonkers without wine and coffee!


Seeing what you drink, have to remind myself to drink more water... Enjoy reading your meme... darn, forget to do mine!

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