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January 31, 2007



I must try this as I love both salmon & lentils and have both ready and waiting for me!


You can't go wrong with bacon!


Great side idear with the lentils!


Okay, so what *is* your favorite way to prepare salmon? :-) This looks pretty tasty to me. (And you can't go wrong with lentils.)


Pardon the swear, but that photo is swear-worthy: Damn, that looks good!


I love Puy lentils, did you know that in France it is also called "caviar for the poor"? Just yesterday there was a report on TV about the most famous leguminous plants in the world: Puy lentils grown in France. Thanks for joining in the WHB!


Caviar for the poor? Whao! They're such a gem! Sher, I love that marble fat on your salmon!


I am not a big Salmon fan, but my hubby is. Will try this next
Loved the flowers in your last post


That looks so good!


I am so pleased when I can find lentils du Puy, they're beautiful and this looks so tasty especially with the bacon. Thanks for the tip about Penzey's bay leaves. I'm always tempted to order from them.



I think you will like it--and the simplicity and ease of preparation is wonderful when you're too tired to do much--or at least I sure appreciated it. :)


LOL My thoughts exactly! It did add a nice taste. But, that's hardly a surprise, right? :)


Thank you Jeff!


I guess my favorite way to prepare salmon is when it's rubbed with some Asian spices, and pan grilled. Just love it. I think the recipe is in my recipe index. Actually good salmon tastes great any way you do it. :)


I made you swear--so I know you liked it!


Thank you for telling me that!!! I will always refer to them that way. I love them so much. They keep their shape so well, and have a lovely taste and color.


Ahh--you are a fan of marble fat like me , eh??? :):) Let's talk about pork belly too!


Maybe you will like the lentils? They are very good and I would make them alone if I didn't have any salmon.


Thank you, I was happy to eat it!


I sometimes can't find them at the store, and it always befuddles me. I think you will be quite amazed at the freshness of Penzeys herbs and spices. Wonderful stuff.


It looks good, and I'm not really a fan of fish but occasionally I get a wicked craving for salmon!!!


Yum!!! This is lovely winter fare!


Yum. I love everything here. I just used this type of lentils for the first time last year, and I think they did take longer to cook.

BTW, not that it wasn't bad enough, but thank goodness my pipes didn't actually break, the main water line was FROZEN. I'm told this never happens, but it did. All ok now, and thanks to Ulrike for switching with me so I didn't have to slit my wrists.


Oh Sher, what a beautiful way to cook salmon!

Ari (Baking and Books)

I love eating salmon too but I associate it with warm weather not cold - isn't that funny how we all have our tastes? Same food, different perception. :)



Well, if you get that wicked craving--try this!!!!


Yes, it does say "Winter" doesn't it? :)


Oh yes, now I remember. A frozen pipe is better than one that breaks. I'm glad you have such resourceful brothers!


Thank you!


I do think of salmon as more of a warm weather fish. But, cooking them with these lentils was too tempting to pass up!


I love your salmon, it's done just nicely :)

Sue (coffeepot)

It looks great and I usually don't want to spend a lot of time so this is right up my alley.

Thanks Sher, and the photos are mouth watering.


Hi Sher, thanks for visiting my site! Your salmon is browned to such a lovely color, it looks so delicious! Salmon is one of my favorite fish too!

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