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January 05, 2007



wow, what a great recipe, and a spectacular presentation.

sounds like bob came down with what you had...so much for his God intended eating, as i recall ---nachos, popcorn, and the avocado melt on homemade bread.

are you sure you two weren't on one of those cruises that has to return early to port? ugh. so sorry you've had to endure that. trusting the pusscats kept eating to their heart's content.

are you planning on giving away your lovely mac & cheese, or will it freeze for when you guys are more up to speed? 'cause i'll pay for the overnight delivery, and return the pan all nice & clean. ; )

and taboo's hoping you'll recover enough in time to share for friday's ark and WCB the latest news and photos of upsie and the new baby.

take care, sher...here's to antonia's beaming face.


Very very pretty! I'd totally make this


Wow. It looks really incredible and the photos from your new camera are to die for. Great job, Sher.


omg, that looks DELICIOUS!
we always had stewed tomatoes with mac & cheese. my mom swears its a Pennsylvania Dutch "thing." Whatever, I call it yummy!
and btw, your new camera is really living up to it, man those are some pretty pictures!!!


I love the roasted tomatoes on this! It's lunchtime, and I am seriously craving some mac right now.


Oh man that looks so delicious. I have not tried to make mac n cheese (sadly) with real cheddar cheese. We use the Velveeta crap here. it's the way my Grandma always made it.

That looks delish though!


Yum! That looks delcious enough that it could even convert a tried and true mac&cheese hater like me. Not sure why I could never stand the stuff (although it was probably because of that neon orange crap that comes with Kraft Dinner), but I've never been a fan.

This one I might just try though - the husband loves the stuff, so I can count on him to eat what I don't. :)


You are going to find yourself using that Le Creuset brasier all the time. I find those are my go to pans for most all jobs these days.
This mac & cheese looks really fabulous! Great job. Now I'm hungry!




Delicious looking! Love the tomato idea!

My Mac-n-cheese adventure is up on my site too.


Whaaah! I want your camera! Beautiful photos Sher. And yummy Mac n Cheese recipe!

Joy T.

I am printing out this recipe, I've GOT to try it. I bought my first Le Crueset (in blue) 'oval oven' right before Christmas and I absolutely love it. I want to slowly start replacing all my pots and was going to go to All-Clad but this Le Crueset is something else. And heavy. I cook AND get a workout :o)


That just literally made my tummy growl. It's so beautiful, it looks like a macaroni paella.
Thanks for joining in, even with your iffy tummies. (Bonus: Leftovers!)


What's your address? I need some of that mac n' cheese now! NOW!!!

It's just gorgeous, Sher!


Your mac and cheese, and your photos -- they're breakin' my heart over here!

Wow, does that sound and look fabulous. And that pan! Lucky you. And me (I got Le C for Christmas, too).

bea at La tartine gourmande

From the look of it, I am glad to see you feel better. Such a nice dish, especially as I never make things like this, so I am even more interested!


That looks fabulous! I always loved macaroni cheese. And there are so many possible variation of this dish. As a matter of fact, it's one of my favorite comfort food recipes...

Your Le Creuset pan is very nice; you lucky girl ;-P!


Stunning presentation! The tomatoes made your mac and cheese so pretty! And nice touch adding thyme. I bet that is good stuff!


Just lovely. What is it about tomatoes and cheese? Pure magic. Thanks for sharing!



No cruise for us! We didn't do much of anything this holiday, I hate to admit. I would send you the leftovers, but Bob has made a speedy recovery and intends to finish them off tonight. I'm still having problems and seem to have become lactose intolerant! No man-n-cheese for me! Thanks for the thoughts!


Thanks Jeff!


Thank you! The little I had was very good! Wish I could have more.


Thank you! That makes sense--the Pennsylvania Dutch connection. They really go together very well. My camera thanks you too. :):)


Thank you! I hope you get some mac-n-cheese soon. Once you have it on the mind, it must be satisfied, I've found!


Thank you! I've seen some fancy recipes that include Velveeta. Even Cook's included it, along with other cheeses, if I'm not mistaken. They said it contributes a quality that tasters enjoy. And you can't disappoint Grandma!


Thank you! I hope you give it a try. After-all, if you hate it--your husband will eat it all up for you. :):) Let me know if you make it.


Thank you, I love the Le Creuset already. I'm going to give it a real work out, I can tell.


Thank you!


Thank you. I saw your post. It looks so good!


Thank you! My camera is so pleased that you like it! It would love to take photos of your blackberries!

Joy T,

Thank you! Yes, the Le Creuset is very heavy. And I love it! I love my All-Clad too--but this baby is really special!


Thank you. That's a perfect way to describe that picture--a macaroni paella! :):) Loved your little dishes of mac-n-cheese.


Thank you! Well, I would send you the left-overs but Bob has his eye on them for tonight. :):)


Thank you! Your mac-n-cheese is great! Nothing says a great present like Le Creuset! It's the gift that keeps on giving and giving..... :)


Thank you! In your hands, mac-n-cheese would become something spectacular! :)


Thank you! Yes mac-n-cheese is so versatile isn't it? It can be humble or very posh! And always comforting.


Thank you!! The thyme was very nice, I forgot to mention how it added a woodsy note. Loved your post, by the way!!!



Thank you--Typepad slipped your comment in between my last reply so I didn't spot you! Sneaky devils! Yes, I love tomatoes and cheese. Sigh.


Sher, the image of Antonia with pink noodley goo all over face is priceless. I do like the roasted tomato substitution however. Glad you are feeling better.

Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

I made some, too, but yours looks delicious and I think I'll try that recipe next time - I don't have a family recipe that I have saved up. :)

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