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January 03, 2007



Shucks, I was hoping not to find another book to lust after. That sandwich looks amazing. So sorry you got the bug.
Great photo, sick or not, it is a great photo


I can't believe that you were making sandwiches and taking pictures of them in the middle of having the flu. You're a trooper. And that photo looks delicious!

I hope you're feeling better. Ringing in the New Year with the flu seems like the universe playing a cruel practical joke.


Oh wow! Really yummy looking. Would be the perfect breakfast, all creamy and toasty. Yum!


Man that bread looks TOO good...I've been bakin' a ton of bread lately :)


your white bread really very white, I love it! Can you please tell me which brand of flour you use?
The richness in the bread looks acceptable to me, fat mainly is from that half-n-half, but consider 8 cups of flour, really not bad :)
Your avocado sandwich reminds me another one I used to eat... slice avocado + spring greens + pin nuts + butter... totally sensational in the first bite. Hope you totally recover and able to eat anything you like!


Sher- I can't believe that you had the fortitude to create such creations of beauty while/before being sick! While not much of a "bread person"- these sound so good...so many great ideas out there. Must get eating!



For starters your sandwich is AMAZING!

I found your comments about the book interesting. I bought it a few months ago and while I'm intrigued by many of the recipes, I found the one that I tried didn't work out. I tried to make the cinnamon raisin bread and the loaves I ended up with were massive. It seemed to me that the instructions in the book weren't correct.

I'll give it another try, but I agree that these are not breads you would make every day!



Thank you about the photo. I think the sandwich looks burnt!!! I don't think it tasted that way--at least Bob didn't complain!


Yes, it's a bit insane that I did that--making a sandwich while I was sick!!! Who does that?? A food blogger!!! I am feeling better--had milk for the first time today!! Alert the press!


Oh yes! Very nice for breakfast!!! Or a grilled cheese sandwich!


Well, this bread book may be the one for you!! They're perfect for someone who wants a challenge!


I used King Arthur all-purpose unbleached flour. It makes very good sandwich bread, I must say. Normally I would use bread flour, but this recipe called for all-purpose. Your sandwich sounds even better. I love eating anything with pine nuts in it! Thank you for your best wishes--I am getting better. I want fish this Friday!


Thank you--but I think my trusty Mixmaster deserves most of the credit. :):) If it were a person.....I would shower it with kisses! And I don't what I was thinking to make that sandwich while I was sick. (And now my husband is sick too--do you think it was the sandwich?)


I'm not surprised at your comments. As I was making the basic white dough, I wondered if the bread would turn out properly. The instructions are somewhat vague. I had to look at the pictures in the book to get a better idea of what texture the dough should be, for instance. But, the bread turned out very nice. Like yours, my loaves were HUGE. I was rather astonished. But, I think she devised bread recipes meant for showy sandwiches in a restaurant.

Also, I wondered if I would be able to get the baked loaf out of my pan--but it slid out easily. Despite these concerns, I found the recipes very interesting and I would like to try one of the whole wheat loaves. However, I'm not going to make the full 8 loaf recipe! By the way, thanks for the input, I'm going to edit my post to reflect some of them.


uuuhhhh, yum! That sammich looks mighty tasty sher!


sher, i think that sammy is just perfect!! wow, so impressed with your bread baking skills. the dough looks so soft and perfect. i can imagine how yummy cream in the mix would be. sounds like a great book :)

Joy T.

I've never tried an avocado but this sure makes me want to try one. Yummers!


I love pictures of bread-making. Someday, I'll start to make my own again. In the meantime, I'll just live vicariously though your amazing photos. I hope you're feeling better!

Terry B

The sandwich looks fabulous! And avocado is delicious on just about anything. My wife recently sliced up some leftover pork tenderloin and made sandwiches on a crusty rye bread with lots of avocado. They. Were. Amazing.


wowee keflowee! salsa bread! now i've heard of everything.... now if only i could taste it... cheesey, spicey bread. YUM.


What an intriguing sandwich! And how lucky is your husband that you GET UP FROM YOUR DEATHBED to make him such a wonderful sandwich?!

It sounds like you need a New Year's "do-over".


I'm going to chime in that I can't believe you could bake those beautiful breads while having the stomach flu! I would be just lying there, groaning.

That last photo of the sandwich is so good -- all that melty cheese, the colors of the avocado, tomato, bread, etc. I just ate leftover blackyed peas, rice, and greens, yet I now crave an avocado sandwich.

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